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This is my first fanfiction on this site. I'm hoping everyone will enjoy this as its also my first kpop fanfiction and not anime. I also work better with one shots, but I am going to try and update a short story on an idol of your choosing so yes. The pair is simple, Bambam and the reader.
"Play that one more time!" You laughed while repeatedly smacking Jackson's arm. You, Jackson, and Mark sat around the coffee table in the living room as they continued to show you funny clips of bambam. The two found out about your little secret dating and decided to become a part of it. Currently Jackson brought up the ghost prank that got7 received a while ago, and knowing Jackson, he wanted to show you the "good parts," which contains bambams running and screaming down the hall as Mark chases him. "This is the third time you've seen it!" "I know I know but it's just so funny! He walks away all angry and then gets the crap scared out of him! This is freaking gold!" You continue to laugh as you doubled over trying to catch your breath. Jackson backs the video up to BamBams part and waits until you stop laughing. Once you did, you watched the screen. "Y/N~" Came the angelic voice of bambam. You ignored the boy and continued watching. Bambam walked in just in time to see his body running down the hallway with Mark chasing him. You died again. Your laugh erupted through the room as you fell on top of Jackson. Jackson chuckles and Mark laughs lightly. "Ya!" Bambam yelled, gaining interest of the three. His cheeks heated up with embarrassment, "Hyung! How could you!" "We just wanted to show her the goofy, dorky, loveable bambam! Don't get mad!" Jackson countered before Bambam could yell anymore. Bambam huffed and stomped over, taking your arm and pulling you away from his hyungs, "Oh come on Bambie! It was funny!" "Y/N I want you to see me as a man! Not a scary cat!" "So? A man can get scared! At least my man can." You winked and kissed his cheek, earning you a blush on his cheeks. Bambam snaked his arms around your waist and pulled you closer. He leans close and gives your lips a quick kiss, "Eeeeeeew" Jackson and Mark screamed as they watched your public display of affection. You chuckled as Bambam just yelled at his hyungs for watching.
@XionHeart lol well I really did enjoy it!
@Animezkpopgirl Thank you. I'm surprised it turned out somewhat good. My last story was a year and a half ago so I feared my writing abilities lol
😂loved it!👌😂