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So... How's everyone enjoying life?

Now, for a moment (all you girls wanting to score with one of those guys who will take you to the moon, and that you're going to find him online), pretend that you're going to end up with one of these two guys... Now, the current (seemingly eternal) social norm would encourage you to go for the guy on the left... After all, he's got power/clout. He's "well-connected", and you'll have all the $$$ you'll ever need... (he's obviously "too much lovin'" for you, but you can leave him to his hookers and you can always go out 'on the side' w/ any boy toys you can scoop up. But the poor slave on the right? He's got nothin' but dreams & pocket lint, and it's clear that that's all he'll ever be *allowed* to have. If you're lucky, you'll end up in a half decent house under a mountain of bills, and if unlucky, you'll end up in a trailer park w/ a box of wine wondering wtf happened to your life... Now, don't get me wrong; after all, a girl's got to get their hustle on - for the sake of the kids - I get that. Get the best guy you can, girl... But the problem is, life changes; circumstances change. People change (you or them)... So... why don't "social norms"? Why do people keep getting wrapped up in "the right guy" or "Mr. Just Fornow"... Why are people constantly being besieged by the cultural facists who are obviously clueless to what's actually happening (regardless of how big their security/surveillance systems are)? All I can say is that there seems to be an endless supply of carrots, but we're running out of jackasses (on both sexes) who care... (they've learned the carrots are all rotten). Doesn't anyone remember that dreams are seeds that need love and care to nurture them? Or is everyone just after the genome and payday...? Pretty soon you'll end up with a "Pay-to-Care" society... (you're already well on your way) Soon it won't matter how much you love or how much love you'll have to give... It will just be "what can you do for me?" and how well you can leverage that to try to negotiate to get what you want... After all, the A-holes who just take what they want are *obviously* not going away anytime soon... (unless someone has co-ordinates to where their secret data center is for me...?) What do you think? Should people even care what the facists want anymore? Can we start a class-action telling them to "shut the F#&% up or pay for the changes they want, just like everyone else..."?
Wow! This card has been up for awhile & only has 35 views! Maybe if I had stenciled the message on the lips of a vagina and posted it, people would have cared! ROFLMAO! (I suck @ marketting, obviously)