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안녕하세요 my Loverlys! KPopBeat here with today's dose of daily chocolate. Now today I decided to pick a person I felt a lot of you would actually know. Especially if you have ever read any of my fanfics.
This oppa has done a little but of acting but he is mostly known for his work with his group. He is a rapper and speaks many languages such as English, Korean, Spanish, and Japanese.
This group is an older one with many years under their belt as idols.
Know who it is?
His group is also known for their amazing bodies as well as their amazing ballads and dance tracks.
Figured it out yet?
Flex it!
He has been in many CF's over the years with his amazing looks and killer body.
Am I the only one that felt pain in their knees from that drop?
Whelp that is all for today's pictures.... Aww don't be sad Oppa!! You will get your own introduction card tomorrow!
Did you know who it is? Is he your bias from his group? Let me know in the comments as always.
Hope you enjoyed it!
Until Later Loverlys!
@KPopBeat OUT!!!
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I knew it was Taecyeon from the first set of images!!!!!! I love that dude! Too bad he's about to enlist soon.
Taecyeon! 💜
2pms taecyeon
My UB Taecyeon of 2PM
Taec! He's my wrecker sometimes, but Nichkhun is my bias... both have amazing spreads in men's health magazine. Awesome card. I lurve chocolate!