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Hey guys!

I had a few people message me after the last moderator announcement asking how to become a Mod and HERE'S YOUR CHANCE!

Check out Vingle's post about it HERE!

Here's what you do:

1. Search on Vingle if your group, individual member, actor, or drama has a community.
2. Check in the comments below if anyone has mentioned the community you want, and try to build a team! (Up to 7 people can be involved in 1 community)
3. Read all the rules here :)
4. Apply through this application

Do this before June 25!

Moderators will be announced June 28, then whoever is moderator can add their team members to the roster and you're all set!
Remember, the point of this is to make the community even more fun (the Mods this quarter held a lot of awesome events for their communities) so let's not let something like this break the community down.
Even if the team is too big to officially list them, you can make your own teams and work together to do something great (see everything @KpopINT does as an example!)

Good luck everyone and keep spreading the love!

Comment below what you're applying for :3
PS! In my experience, Vingle tends to let current Mods repeat for more quarters so if your community already has a moderator, reach out to them and ask how you can be a part of the Mod Squads :D
I want to continue being on the mod team for vixx, with @Helixx @StefaniTre @kelseyblair @JiyongLeo @AimeeH.... hopefully ^^... but regardless, it's been a great quarter, and I've made great friends. MODing is such a great experience and worth the time and effort!
i sign up ... im hoping im good enough for this!!!!! @WendyNegrete and yes there is . im part of the squad. @KwonOfAKind is the Mod
@Lizzeh Thank you! If there is a community you feel really passionate about, I would suggest contacting the moderator of that community (if there isn't yet a mod, wait to see if they get one for next quarter) and ask if you can help them out or be on the support team. This is a good way for you to see how much time you could devote to moderating without the official title. I'm been in a support capacity for two communities now and one of the things both teams has done is cover for each other. We all work/go to school/have to adult or have other responsibilities. Not everyone can devote the same amount of time. Whenever one of us isn't able to do something we are responsible for, we communicate and the other team members will pick up the slack for you. We're a team, we're in this together and we have each other's back.
I applied for the manga community
Yeeees!! here we go again people..let's go!!! Iam doing it for GOT7 community AGAIN!! YEEEHAAW! LOL
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