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Ever since I graduated from college, my everyday life has been the same. Nine to five job, eat, and sleep. It's not like I don't enjoy my job but sometimes I feel like I'm in a creative rut. Which is why I want to spend this summer to broaden my horizon, spend more quality time with my family and discover or rediscover something that will drive my passion.

My plans for the summer:


I'm due for a out of country travel at the end of this month with my husband. It's our overdue honeymoon trip.


I'm a self taught coder (HTML, CSS, PHP) but I want to dig in deeper. I'm going to learn a new language this summer, Ruby on Rails and I'm quite excited!


I don't think I ever share this but I also have an interest in photography. This was a hobby I picked up during high school. But, after transitioning to working I don't use my camera as often as I should. It's time to get back to it!


Not sure what it'll be yet. I want to learn something new not related to work. My friend just shared with me a cool cosplayer who makes her own historical costumes. It was amazing and it reminded me how much I enjoy fashion design. I took a sewing class at Joann's a couple years back but never put it to practice. Maybe I'll find something new to experiment within the fashion category.


I'm really thankful to make so many friends here on Vingle. This is sort of a space where I try to share my passion and interests through writing. Thanks for not judging my poor sentence structures. I'm still learning to write eloquently and find my personal style.


LOL. This is more of a guilty pleasure! Maybe I'll turn those wasted hours into something useful like writing a review or something.
Thanks for reading! =)
my plan is to binge watch on anime, not sleep while reading books, and stay in bed and to think about nothing or everything else that's in la-la-land. spend time with my baby, and hopefully go somewhere to "escape". then hike, kayak, paddle board, & stay at the beach. yea, it's not happening so far, & i feel like summer is almost over.
@Scheherashared I mean it'll be a peaceful to just get to spend time doing the things you love. I hope you do get that time!
@DaniFlanny wow! Okay well, thank you! :) I will look into that. I hope you have a fun summer!!
@aripendragon It can be challenging in film. Lots of unpaid internships. Great credits for resumes. Check on FB for film gigs, film schools, or even decide to just make movies or make a YouTube channel this summer. I am writing TV show ideas, a Movie script, volunteering at local public access TV, and hopefully some other things. Just grateful for life. #weareOrlando #OrlandoUnited
I homeschool my kids (12 and 16) and we school year round because my son does acting and modeling. Depending upon his schedule we have to take breaks during what would be the "normal" school year and go for audition and shoots. They are both doing ballroom dancing during the summer as well as regular academics. My daughter is starting her second year in college as a high schooler so is planning on doing some advance preparation for her Fall classes. On top of that we plan on getting in some beach days (sailing, powerboat, and windsurfing). I am doing some Kdrama marathons with my daughter, and in July she and I are driving from Florida to Atlanta for the GOT7 concert.
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