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guys!!! I'm going to finally meet seventeen, ukiss, snuper, double s 301 and...
Last week was my bday and this is one of my gifts! Friday lineup is on the left saturday on the right. saturday due to ( EXO) was sold out but this was better for me and my friend because she works weekend anywAy... I'm soooo excited!!!
#fighting!! this is my first big multi idol concert, I'm just glad I'm not alone.. also it's so cool because it's mostly girl groups too which I rarely see... now to make @mattk jealous lol
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@HerosBells yey thank you =)
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@mattk95 !! wow so many girls
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Lucky I'm glad to see so many underrated groups on their also :) hope you have fun
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@Ticasensei yea if you had tomorrow that would've been amazing! But Friday line-up is still pretty great too so still jelly here. ^^ can't wait to hear about it!
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