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hey guys I'm back with something new. this is a test script for my new anime for my channel on YouTube. this takes place in a mall the Tsundere character is with her boy friend that she drags to the shoe store. so here it is. Madelyn: hey look at these aren't they cute (holds up shoes) Ed: yay they suit you they're red for rage Madelyn:HEY take that back Ed: oh so sorry to "tsun" to be saying that. you have my "dere"st apologies. Madelyn: Hey plankton I've got a crick in my neck could you stand up. oh wait you where always a little crill when it came to hight. Ed:grrr YOU TAKE THAT BACK TIGA Madelyn:MAKE ME SHRIMP Pete: umm guys...... Madelyn &Ed: SHUT IT Pete: people are looking at us (both look up) (everyone stairs) Paul:Pete let's go to the manga store Pete: ya let's......go this was a test script. and I'll take suggested scripts. PaulLovellette signing off
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hey look at this @ZephyrBlaze and@Captpeter