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a few of you guys that I hang out with on here wanted to know what I look like for some reason even tho I told you that I don't want to post my pictures or that I'm a long lost cousin to monkeys still u keep asking for it well ..tonight is yr lucky night there this is me ☝☝ happy now ??! "Will take this down in tomorrow " or better yet one of the mods will take it down since I'm posting where I'm not suppose to
ohh and yeah I'm that one guy who put water on stuff ..burning stuff
You are so sexy/ shouldn't take your pic down.
I'm not one of your hang out buddies but DANG you foin!! ehem.... sorry...You look great in your uniform
theirs Snapchat, Kik, text, FB, email, Skype, tango, face time, and lots of other instance messaging apps. it makes zero sense that if they wanted to see you that bad they wouldn't have given you another contact info app
you look really handsome
@BryceTerao I know right isn't that some BS ..but it's cool tho what's done it's done
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