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Making something into a "Let's" phrase in informal Korean is so easy!

1. Take the verb form (example: 얘기하다, to talk)
2. Take off the 다 (얘기하...)
3. Add 자 (얘기하자!)

Let's talk/chat!

Now you practice:

Turn these verbs into a "Let's____" phrase!

먹다 - To eat
가다 - To go
요리하다 - To cook
청수하다 - To clean
공부하다 - To study
노래하다 - To sing

When do you hear a "자" phrase most often?

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Omg this is so cool. My mind just exploded 😂 I hear and say 가자 all the time
a year ago·Reply
가자 of course
a year ago·Reply
먹자 or 가자
a year ago·Reply
@kpopandkimchi hehe tanks :)
a year ago·Reply
가자 and 먹자 is all I need to know. Somebody says that to me and I'm off! Lol
a year ago·Reply