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I feel so good~~~ 1. The members have said that Zelo talks in his sleep. 2. Yongguk admits that its easier for him to rap in Japanese then Korean. 3. When Zelo and Jongup talk to each other, they get super excited about strange things. 4. According to Himchan, Jongup is a good listener and he'll show that he cares. 5. Youngjae is very sensible, caring and knows how to control himself. 6. Daehyun has never missed breakfast because he is always waking up early. 7. Himchan often writes letters to fans at the fan café. 8. Zelo can never wake up early because he is an night owl. 9. Even when feeling tired or down, Jongup will always smile to relieve his members stress. 10. Daehyun admits that he really isn't the type to do romantic things. 11. Yongguk would often stay up in the middle of the night or wake up earlier to write songs. 12. Himchan danced with his pants' fly unzipped during a live performance. It matched with the dances moves so he had the chance to close it in a hurry. 13. Jongup wants to try living in America. 14. According to Youngjae, Himchan is the loudest when they eat something. He would be saying, "I want to eat this, I want to eat that." 15. Jongup thinks that his charm point that captures the heart of the noona fans are his eyebrows. 16. According to Zelo, his most appealing point is his cuteness. 17. Jongup can sleep anywhere. It doesn't matter where he is, he will sleep. 18. Yongguk applied a lot of cream for Warrior Japanese version MV so that he could film without getting burned. 19. Yongguk liked Tigger since he was in pre-school. 20. Jongup thinks he would not carry his girlfriend's bag. If it's really heavy, he'd go to her house and leave it there then go out again. 21. According to Daehyun and Youngjae, their most appealing point is singing. 22. According to Himchan, it is Daehyun and him who eat the most. 23. A fan measured Yongguk's neck, and it was 13 cm. 24. Himchan can be in a long distance relationship. He said that distance doesn't matter if it's really someone he loves. 25. When BAP filmed the music video for ‘Hurricane’ at a street in Las Vegas, a random Western woman came in and danced with them and thought they were just having fun. 26. Daehyun's right hand is so weak so the members called him left-handed 27. A fan drew Olaf on her post-it and Jongup just spent time coloring its teeth. 28. Every time Himchan shares a room with Yongguk, Yongguk really doesn't talk much. 29. Himchan is the best when it comes to swimming. 30. Youngjae wants to be a producer someday and form a sub-unit for Jongup and Zelo called, 'Moon & Zelo'.
Which fact shocked you most and why?
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Jongup you little shit 😂😂 if my bag was heavy and he wouldn't carry it for me , and he would go back inside to just leave my bag I just laughed and be in shock XD
Zelo always talks in his sleep...sometimes he wakes me and Ji Ho up xD and me and Zelo are both night owls...and his fucking cuteness is just ughh it killed me ❤❤ but I learned a lot more about them xD ❤❤
I never would have thought Youngjae would want to be a producer
When I watched B.A.P Adventures in America I saw 25 and I was like that must've been awkward but not as much as 23 like...why? 27 is cute though
nothing really shocked me but here's some of my reactions. 13. Yes, come, I love you. 24. HimChannie Oppa are you calling me out? Cuz we can start something... just what I need another motivation to learn Korean. 29. Yay Oppa can save me (cuz I don't believe in buoyancy, or rather in my own) 30. I suppose this shocked me a little cuz it wasn't YongGuk Oppa or Daehyun, I dk.. I'm proud to hear this about 우리 YoungJae & I'm excited to hear the collaboration.