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Hello guys, Happy Friday! So, @katiems just invited me to participate in a Kpop Song Hook Challenge and I decide to just combine it to my playlist collection. You can read more about what the challenge and see her selections here. If you're interesting I invite you to participate! =)

The Challenge:

1. Pick 6 Kpop songs and then explain what part is your hook line of the song!
2. Tag friends!

1. Wonder Girls - Be My Baby

Hook line: Starting from the JYP whisper LOL
Don't judge. I can't resist it! This is my jam! Be My Baby is my all-time favorite from Wonder Girls. It's so catchy.

2. Younha - Thinking of You

Hook line: Start from 0:52
A couple seconds into the song I know I will like it. Her voice is soothing and they rhythm is relaxing yet catchy. Does that even make sense? At around 0:52 it almost like the tune completely change but I like that little surprise! I always anticipate for that transition when I listen to this song.

3. Son Dambi - Queen

Hooked line: 1:00
My sisters used to have this as her alarm ringtone and that is the only part I know from the whole song. "1, 2, 3, you wanna, Wake Up!"

4. Im Jae Bum - For You

Hook line: Starting from 1:30
This is one of my all-time favorite song by Korean rock artist Im Jae Bum. The lyrics are beautiful and truthful. He's not as young or fancy like most Kpop artists but his singing is raw and emotional especially at 1:30.

5. Twice - Ooh-Ahh

Hook line: Starting from 0:53
It's just a fun part to sing and dance to! :D

6. Epik High - Run

hook line: Starting from 1:18
The everybody "Run, Running away" part is always stuck in my head when I hear this song. I end up singing throughout the day. Today, is going to be that day.

Tagging some friends!