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naruto ,luffy,goku and ichigo they retiring now ..It's up to you kiddo become the people's hero we all counting on you
If I were to do it by Generation; Goku's Generation would be: Goku, Jotaro, Yuske, Kenshin, and Sailor Moon, while Naruto's would be: Naruto, Ichigo, Luffy, Natsu, and Ryuko, While Deku's generation curently only has Deku, Saitama, and Meliodas as we curiously wait for the others to show up. Sorry just thought about Meliodas lol
Side note: If we also think of Deku as the next big thing we gotta ask who is the next big 3? Right now two of them would be Deku and Saitama but who else would there be with a possible fourth
sniff sniff. memories
two extra notes, Goku came back too and if we think about it there is Natsu and the gang still. Wish Natsu was apart of that Goku picture on the bottom
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