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Every time my dog does something that pisses me off, I remind her that she owes me rent.

One time, I was throwing out moldly leftovers from the fridge, and my dog actually got into the trash and ate all the leftovers only to throw them back up immediately. She was okay (because apparently dogs have iron stomachs), but I had to clean MOLDY LEFTOVER FOOD DOG PUKE.
The entire time I was cleaning, I just kept repeating "You're lucky you're cute. You're lucky you're cute. You're lucky you're cute."

What antics should have gotten YOUR dog kicked out?

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yup my black "lets go places "jeans
They took over my bed. I used to sleep on the floor before I just bought them their own twin bed...which they wouldn't sleep in unless I was using it so...bah!
she wants to smell people, but not be touched by people. It's ok though cause I saw her run in circles and then straight into a wall head first xD
@danidee my dog parkoured her way to the tallest cabinet where my chips were and then dropped them and ate them P.s. shes still in her corner
XD I'm subscribed to this on Webtoons, it is great