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It seems like hours before the doctor arrives but the clock says it has only been 30 minutes. Everyone turns to listen as he enters and you grab Eun’s hand.
“You are the family of both [HN] and Jaewoon?”
One of the women points to you, “Yes. All except for her.”
It’s said in such an icy, dismissive tone that you can’t help but tense. Eun looks up sharply,
“Mother! Enough! [YN] is [HN]’s girlfriend, she’s not leaving. She has every right to be here.”
The woman huffs and turns away. If that’s Eun’s mother, you can understand why they didn’t want to tell her that they had dissolved the marriage contract without the proof from the lawyers.
The doctor simply nods; he looks exhausted and the knots in your stomach are tripling with every second he delays telling you their condition.
“We have Jaewoon stabilized; he had some internal bleeding that we were able to get under control. He may need more surgery later, his kidneys were pretty damaged but not enough to be replaced. We will be keeping an extra eye on that. He’s currently in ICU.” He looks over at Eun, “You are his wife?”
She nods as her mother lets out a very unladylike noise.
"We’ve put him in a double bedded room. The nurse can take you up there when you are ready.” She nods and smiles her thanks through her tears.
Your voice cracks a bit as you ask, “What about [HN] doctor? How is he? When can we see him?”
“Ah, [HN].”
He shakes his head and if you weren’t holding onto the side of the bed you would have collapsed. Eun’s grip tightens on your hand and it beginning to hurt. The pain is a good distraction to keep you from violently throwing up.
The silent couple from the corner come forward and speak to the doctor.
“What does that mean? Surely he’s alright? You would have told us first if he had passed? Tell me he’s okay, you have to tell me he’s going to be alright.”
Hysterics are starting in, she sounds like you did with the police officer an hour ago. No one needs to tell you this is [HN]’s mother, the resemblance is astonishing. You look away from her, back to the doctor.
“I apologize; I did not mean to give that impression. He is very brave, I can see from his injuries that he was trying to take the brunt of the crash and protect his passengers. However, due to that bravery, he has the most serious injuries. We’ve stabilized him for the moment but he is in critical condition. We’ve had to remove his spleen, both his kidneys were severely damaged he will require a transplant. We’ve stopped the internal hemorrhaging for now and set his broken bones. The plastic surgeon is enroute for the lacerations on his face. I’m afraid not much can be done for the scars that surgery required.”
“How soon can he receive a new kidney? That is what you’re saying isn’t it?”
“Yes, there is no doubt he will need a new one. When we find a donor match we will take both out and attach the new one. He is young and strong, he should be able to bounce back once all his bones have healed and therapy is completed.”
You speak up from the corner of the bed. “Can you test me for a match?”
Everyone turns, almost like they’ve forgotten you were even in the room.
“We will gladly test you,; we would in fact have a better chance for his recovery if family members were to be tested also.”
His mother and father nod, “Yes. That will be fine. Can we be tested now? When can we see him?”
“We have him in a medically induced coma right now. He was extremely agitated when they brought him. He was calling out for someone by the name of [YN]. We assumed that was you,” he says looking at Eun who shakes her head no.
“Since you were being worked on, one of the nurses tried to comfort him by pretending to be this [YN], it only made him worse.”
He had called out for you; he knew it wasn’t you when they tried to trick him. Your heart fills with love and anguish. You should have been with them, you should have been there when he called for you. You release Eun’s hand, give her a peck on the cheek and step forward.
“I’m [YN]. He was calling for me. Please, can you take us to be tested and then let us see him?”
The doctor looks over at you, nods his head and turns to leave. “Of course, follow me.”
His parents are on the opposite side of the waiting room, each of you waiting for them to call you back to get your blood drawn. You can feel their eyes on you but you don’t dare approach them. What if they hate you like Eun’s parents made obvious? What if they feel you aren’t good enough for their famous son? What if they think you are ruining his life? Too many thoughts, none of them positive are running through your head. You draw your knees up to your chest and quietly rock back and forth. You need to just keep reminding yourself, that he’s young and healthy. Think positive thoughts that they will find a match and he will be okay. You can’t believe anything else, your heart and soul won’t let it happen.
Once the testing has been completed you check with the desk to see if Eun has been moved up to ICU yet. She has; therefore, you head back to the waiting room and the awkwardness of sitting with his parents.
You resume your position in a chair by the window so you can stare out blankly and no one will question you. Your legs are drawn up, your arms wrapped around them and your head against the wall. All you can think about is how much you’d rather it be his arms around you, how it SHOULD be his arms around you. None of this is fair. What gives these people the right? What makes them think they have the right to judge someone’s life and control it? God, you pray silently, please let him be alright. Please let there be a match for a kidney among those here at the hospital. Let him come back to you.
A gentle hand comes to rest on your shoulder and you look up to see his mom standing next to you.
“You are [YN]? The woman my son loves?” You can hear the tremble in her voice, see the tears and pain in her eyes.
You quickly stand up and bow to her, taking her hand in both of yours and kissing the top.
“Yes, I am [YN]. And I am deeply and madly in love with your son.”
She looks into your eyes and pulls you into her arms. The two of you crying softly together for the man you both love, who is fighting for his life.
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Well all my tears are everywhere.
we have to be strong for him.. he'll pull through... he has to. our love story has only just began..
Omg someone pass me a tissue!😭😭😭 Oh please be a match...anyone!
I'm not crying yet... but it looks like a somewhat good sign. I hope he pulls through!
why do you always have to do this why? 😭😭😭😭 I've never cried so much with a fanfic and I really can't stop with this one why much you torchuer me like this why 😭😭😭😭