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So this is one of my new loves! I have two amazing teachers @AimeeH and the lovely @XergaB20 ( also known as the girl to go to if you need any Topp Dogg info) so I will be posting cards in the Topp Dogg Community and I wanted to know which of my tag list family would like to be tagged in Topp Dogg cards from the 3 of us. If you are a veteran ToppKlass or want to learn about these amazing guys. We are here to help with any info you need.
This is their newest release.
Their show that is currently airing. Once I get my Topp Dogg tag list I will make a card to catch everyone up on the episodes.
This is too cute. This is one of the things I love about them. They love having fun. And what you see is what you get.
I will do a who's, who card next. So you can learn each guy. But for now I will leave you picture of my adorable yet very quiet bias. Hojoon! Random fact @XergaB20 has met ALOT of ToppKlass and apparently I am the only person she knows that biases this precious. Credit to owners And just let me know in the comments if you want to be added. You won't regret it. This group is amazing. They deserve a lot of love and attention. #YAKPAK: @AimeeH @baileykayleen @ChelseaJay @jgallegos222 @kmeier230 @SarahVanDorn @sugajin94 @tayunnie @torchix @EwSeungkwan @PrincessUnicorn @VixenViVi @XergaB20 Vingle Family: A➖ @Abbyhudson @AmbieB @amobigbang @AnaP @andreaimnida @AraceliJimenez @awkwardjazzy B➖ @BetseyBleau C➖ @CamrynCherry @clandrea170 @CrystalBlunt D➖ @DeniseiaGardner @dyotella E➖ @EliseB @ElleHolley @Emealia @EmilyGardner @Exoexo F➖ @fallchild H➖ @HopeElizabeth I➖ @IsoldaPazo J➖ @JaxomB @JeniseRamos @jerrilynnpope @JinsPrincess86 K➖ @karinamiranda81 @katiems @KellyOConnor @kpopandkimchi @KpopGaby @Kpoplover1995 @Kpossible4250 L➖ @LaurenStrayhorn @Lexxcisco @luvexotbs M➖ @megancurrent9 @Mikim000 N➖ @narutobandgeek O➖ @obiterdictum @ot12exodus02 P➖ @PassTheSuga @PrettieeEmm R➖ @Roxy1903 S➖ @SarahHm11 @SassyMaknae @ScarletMermaid @selfishmachines @shelbyhusband @ShinoYuki @SimplyAwkward @StarishaRichard @SugaOnTop @Sukii @SweetDuella T➖ @TiffanyBibian @tinathellama @twistedPuppy V➖ @VKookie47 W➖ @woahdersierra X➖ @xxxtina
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Can I be added to the taglist?
a year ago·Reply
YAY TOPP DOGG FINALLY!! 😭😭😭😭❤❤😍 I SAW THAT VIDEO! I love how they say Elizabeth 😏😏 I feel like I should make it my ringtone lol.
a year ago·Reply
Yes tag me! I love them!
a year ago·Reply
Thank you all for commenting! We have you added to the tag ♡♡
a year ago·Reply
please tag me ☺
a year ago·Reply