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Anyone Going Out for Moderator?
It's that time of year again!!! Moderator application time :D @invinsybll was our moderator this quarter. I'm currently moderator of the Beauty community (betcha didn't know that lol)

So I am wondering....is anyone planning to apply for moderator?

Special thanks to @kpopandkimchi in the kpop comm for reminding me its that time of year again :D See her card about K-ent moderating here!

People have asked before how moderators are chosen!

That's how the application process works, and it only happens four times a year so don't miss out XD

What to do if you wanna try:

1. Search on Vingle for your favorite anime has a group, or look for a big community like Fan Art, Anime, Manga. Or go outside the anime comm! There's communities like Beauty, Music, Creative Writing and more alllll on Vingle :)
2. See if any of your Vingle nakama plan to try for moderator!!! Up to 7 people can be involved in 1 community as moderator + support members, so you can all work together! Just like how me, @invinsybll, @Tbell2, @AimeBolanos @AtisutoMeru and @PRroxx05 have been doing with the general Anime community!
3. Check out the rules!
4. Apply through this application!

Deadline for applications is June 25!!

And then we'll see who is chosen on June 28 :3

Currently there are moderators in a ton of anime communities!

moderator: @invinsybll
moderator: @SimplyAwkward
moderator: @SonTyler
Naruto: moderator: @Tayhar18920
moderator: @Thatperson512

Anime related communities to consider!

Fairy Tail!
One Piece!
Dragon Ball!
Fan Art!
Studio Ghibli!
Cowboy Bebop!
Death Note!
Cardcaptor Sakura!
Detective Conan!
Fullmetal Alchemist!
Sailor Moon!
Skip Beat!
Neon Genesis Evangelion!
more?! maybe....

Good luck everyone!!!

Let's come together as nakama and make sure EVERY anime community gets a moderator this time around!!! And remember, every moderator can add UP TO 6 SUPPORT MEMBERS, so we can all be involved!!

If you were tagged on this card,

It's because I tagged a buncccchhh of Nakama! I deleted the long list so you don't have to scroll through it to get to the comments, lol :D
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@Mcboss yup of the manga community
a year ago·Reply
@SimplyAwkward some where in here
a year ago·Reply
@IsaacMarch I'm sure lots of people would volunteer to join as support!!
a year ago·Reply
@hikaymm you got me I'll try it out
a year ago·Reply