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I want to start off by saying I do NOT own any of this Fanart! Credits go to the rightfull owner :3
((I DON'T OWN FANART)) This! This! this! I couldn't help but fangirl when I read/saw this!! Ahh my little heart does have feelings.
((I DO NOT OWN THIS!)) This one made me tear up a bit TT^TT
(( I DO NOT OWN NONE OF THESE)) The last one really hit me hard ):
((I DONT OWN CREDS TO OWNER)) Just cuteness everywhere :3
((LIKE I SAID I DONT OWN)) I really ship YoonMin a lot... like a lot... seriously a lot.. (:
((HEHE I DON'T OWN THIS)) --Each one is separate-- :)
Let's end this card with this cute GIF ♡♡♡ ((I don't own this lol, credits to the people who made them!))
This are so adorable!! My favorite is the one where Jimin and yoongi are listening to music together. So cute!!
@CosmicCassidy the best! so cute. the first one had me giggling
Yoonmin is my WORLD!!!! I'm literally running out of fan fiction to read 😧😧😧
ive died.....someone send a flower crown to my grave
aww the gif is so cute😁