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I want to start off by saying I do NOT own any of this Fanart! Credits go to the rightfull owner :3
((I DON'T OWN FANART)) This! This! this! I couldn't help but fangirl when I read/saw this!! Ahh my little heart does have feelings.
((I DO NOT OWN THIS!)) This one made me tear up a bit TT^TT
(( I DO NOT OWN NONE OF THESE)) The last one really hit me hard ):
((I DONT OWN CREDS TO OWNER)) Just cuteness everywhere :3
((LIKE I SAID I DONT OWN)) I really ship YoonMin a lot... like a lot... seriously a lot.. (:
((HEHE I DON'T OWN THIS)) --Each one is separate-- :)
Let's end this card with this cute GIF ♡♡♡ ((I don't own this lol, credits to the people who made them!))
@CosmicCassidy the best! so cute. the first one had me giggling
This are so adorable!! My favorite is the one where Jimin and yoongi are listening to music together. So cute!!
aww the gif is so cute😁
ive died.....someone send a flower crown to my grave
Yoonmin is my WORLD!!!! I'm literally running out of fan fiction to read 😧😧😧