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The look on N’s face says it all. The relief, the happiness; the sheer joy as he grips her tighter in his arms. Tears flow unbidden from his eyes as he smiles and then hides his face in her hair.
She pulls back slightly and immediately starts talking rapidly in Japanese. He has to stop her and tell her to slow down so that he can understand. She looks confused and he looks over at the two of you.
“Like you, on the ethereal plain we understand each other perfectly, there is no language barrier. She isn’t understanding why I can’t just speak with her.”
You nod in understanding as he turns back to her, cupping her face in his hands. They smile at each other and once more you feel like you’re intruding on an intensely private moment. He leans in and brushes his lips against hers. She blushes but then leans forward and kisses him back.
You turn to Leo, “I think they need some time alone. We should go.”
He gathers up his papers and nods.
He walks over and puts his hand on N’s shoulder.
“Hyung,” N looks up at him and stands up. “We are heading back to the dorm, do you need anything?”
He looks back at his mate shaking his head; once more smiling in unbelief.
“I have everything I’ve ever needed right here.”
On the walk home Leo releases your hand and suddenly wraps his arm around your shoulders. He pulls you closer, resting your head on his shoulder, his head resting on yours. His actions find you letting out a contented sigh. You love it when he breaks down his barriers and shows you how he feels. Right now you feel treasured and safe. There is no better feeling in the world.
When you reach the dorm a few of the guys are wandering around wondering where N took off to in a hurry.
Leo quiets them and simply states, “N had a personal emergency. He should be home shortly.”
It doesn’t really give anyone any answers but it seems to calm them when he confirms that everyone is fine and no one is hurt.
You start doing research online when you get to your room. No one speaks Japanese, it is hard enough living here with 6 guys, you can’t imagine what it will be like for her with an added language barrier.
When Leo comes in you show him what you’ve found and where you can purchase it so you don’t have to wait for slow internet delivery. He smiles down at you, kisses you on the forward and restates,
“My little tender heart”.
You glance at your watch and find that the store is still open. You want to convince him that you need to go now so that things aren’t horribly awkward in the morning. He drags his feet until you reach up and pull his mouth down to yours.
“Please?” You say as you trace the line of his lips with your tongue.
“Pretty Please?” You add as you run your tongue up over his adams apple.
He throws his head back, giving you better access but groans in frustration.
“I am tired Jagi, we can go in the morning.”
You pull him close and rub against him seductively.
“I’ll make it up to you. If you’re too tired I can give you a rain check.”
His head comes down, his eyes blazing with heat.
“Let’s go,” he commands as he grabs your hand and pulls you out the door and to his car.
At the store he keeps rushing you; his long legs making it hard for you to keep up with him. You pull back on his arm laughing,
“Slow down! You’ll wear me out and then I can’t keep my promise.”
He stops and frowns back at you. The petulant little boy look on his face is worth everything. You wish you had a camera but by the time you think of it, his face is back to normal. He pulls you up even with him, pulls your arm through his and slows his pace down to a stroll.
You shake your head in bewilderment. It is obvious the weapon you hold against him if you ever want anything. That really isn’t fair though, you love making love to him. It isn’t sex; it’s a soul deep connection and shouldn’t be used as a bargaining chip. You reach over and cup his face. He looks down at you in confusion.
You simply smile, “I love you. Thank you for bringing me.”
He simply nods and continues on to the electronics department.
The next morning you’re excited to try your purchase out. You've spent most of the night awake, trying to figure it out and set it up. You walk into the living room to find N and his mate surrounded by the guys. She’s shrunk back and is standing somewhat behind N, letting him shelter her. The guys are firing questions at him left and right, but he simply shakes his head and finally holds his hand up for silence.
You catch the girl’s attention and walk over to her. She lets you pull her away from N. Being female; his protective instinct doesn’t apply to you. When you are a few feet away from the guys you hand her a small object that looks like a Bluetooth. You hold yours out and show her to put it in her ear like you. You press a few buttons on your phone and pray for the best.
“Good Morning. Are you okay? Do you need anything?”
Her eyes grow wide and she looks up at you in astonishment.
YES! It worked! You feel like jumping for joy, pumping your arm while screaming and doing a happy dance.
“You can understand me?”
She nods, still amazed and pulls out the device to look at it. You reach over and put it back in her ear.
“What’s your name?”
She tentatively says, “Narumi.”
“Narumi. I’m [YN], you can speak to me and I’ll understand you. As long as we have these in our ears and the phone close, it will translate for us.”
Hesitantly she says, “You can really understand me?”
You smile over at her, “Yes. I understand you perfectly.”
Suddenly she is speaking rapidly in Japanese and asking you whether this will work for her and N. You smile and nod, handing her another ear piece that she can give to N.
When she started speaking in response to your questions, the group had quieted down and turned to stare.
N looks over at you in surprise, “How?”
I love this! N deserved to find his soul mate😍
Do those things even exist? If not they need too! Yay N!!!!
it does exist! I can't find where it translates Korean yet though.
Aww how nice! Man I wish I had one of those. how cool would that be?
Damn I need one of those little gadgets hehe😆 Smart cookie for thinking of it ahead of time to help the new love birds out!
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