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Yes--we've all had that moment when you REALLY want to do something, but you don't feel like it. (especially me and k dramas) That was me a year ago, but I managed to grasp the important aspects in order to speak Korean in less than a year. I recently started using an app by makers in the name of Eggbun, and I feel like I should recommend it to you guys! It's a simple app where it let's you talk to ๋ผ๋‹ˆ, a very eggbun-like character (and he's adorable!!!).
here's a screenshot of the Android version of this app. In this app, they teach you everything from the alphabet to how to converse with natives.
ANYWAY. this is a very neat app that you can use and it's easy to memorize everything! Android iOS
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@CurrySoop I also signed up for Korean Language lessons and they start Monday :-)
oh my goodness good luck on that!! @matty0203
I'm using that one now too.
one of the 1st apps I got two... I started learning just over a year ago... I also ordered myself some text books with language rules and such to self study with... helps alot... can't believe how much I understand now