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Does it even matter?

According to this opinion piece, it does.

You can read the full piece here, but I've taken the most important parts and shared them below. All words belong to Paul Hudson.

On Technology:

Technology makes life easier. It makes life more affordable, more efficient, more rewarding. But does it make it better? It could. In fact, it should. The problem is that too many of us get used to the instant gratification that our high-speed world allows for.
We know we can basically get anything we want, when we want it. The problem with this is that if we can get anything we want, we soon come to find that we don’t want anything.
And not the shallow sort of wanting, but the kind that really motivates you to do great things, to be a great person. To put forth all the positive energy you can muster and create something worth creating. This goes for everything thing from the goal we set, to the love we create. This especially goes for dating.

We just don’t put in the effort that we used to.

And by we, I mean this generation. Dating for our generation has always been easier because connecting to new people has been easier for us than it has been for any generation, ever. And it continues to get easier and easier with each passing year.

On Dating:

It’s gotten so easy, that I have to argue that it’s too easy. It’s too easy to meet new people. Too easy to try out different options.

Too easy to overlook the wonderful person right in front of you, because you’re too busy looking at your next door neighbor’s yard. The thing is, although landing a date has gotten much easier, dating itself has gotten much more difficult.

While once people used to have to find beauty in flaws, we now instead find a flaw and swipe left.

You want to know why I’d rather meet my girlfriend in real life than on a dating app? Because I don’t want to accidentally swipe left on her. I don’t want to “meet” her when I’m at home, bored or late at night after a few drinks in me.
I don’t want her to meet me as an image on 2 x 2 inch square on a glass screen that fits in her hand. The one thing that technology will never be able to create is the magic between two individuals that has created the moment they meet in the real world. Cyber magic doesn’t exist.
Don’t get me wrong, I’m still going to keep on swiping... I mean, what else am I going to do at 2:30 am on a Wednesday?

But I still want to meet “the one” at a coffee shop, while she bumps into me and spills her coffee all over my shirt.

So maybe I’m not using dating apps to meet the one? Maybe I’m not using dating apps to actually date? Maybe you aren’t? Is anyone, really?

What do you think?

I know a lot of you have met your significant others online (my aunt is SUPER happily married to my awesome uncle who she met online) so I'd be really interested in your take on this.

Would you rather have met your SO in real life or was it dating apps that made your relationship possible?

For those not using apps, why aren't you?

besides on a dating app,the person may be putting on a fake show.
I don't use apps cuz I basically don't trust people.
Technology has made the effort of meeting people lazy and less valuable. The opportunity to meet someone you don't already know about {from online} for me makes it worthwhile.
i have my own ideals so for me I'll find my special someone on my own and if i dont well thats all she wrote
R and I would not have met had we not been on the same site. I didn't fit his 25 mile radius, but we talked and emailed (everyday) for 6 weeks before our first date. The 25th will be our 5th wedding anniversary, and in October we will have been together for 8 years already. I'm definitely all for apps and technology when it can bring people together who otherwise would never meet. (But one has to always be selective and discerning, regardless of the method.) ♡♡
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