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Music is super important to my life.

My boyfriend and I originally bonded over a movie soundtrack and found out we listened to a lot of the same music. Our first conversations were trading song suggestions.

The dating app Bumble seems to get how important music taste is to some people's relationships.

People will now be able to sync up their Bumble accounts to their Spotify accounts.

The change allows people to see which music their matches jam out to!
The major change to comes “not only gives Bumble users a peek into the music preferences of their potential connection, but also provides an easy conversation starter.”
So rather than just saying "Hey" based on the tiny bio on their profile, you can say "OMG I WENT TO THEIR CONCERT ONCE AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE."

Who else thinks this is a great idea?

Is music taste important to you in friendships and romance?

i try to ease the kpop thing on people XD
Um.... A decent taste in music is definitely a very attractive quality. However, having a wide variety of music knowledge/having an open mind when it comes to music is so much more important to me. Sure, I may not agree that you like Justin Beiber. But you also like my Teena Marie. Sure, you may dislike my Taylor Swift, but you also like the Dixie Chicks. Maybe you didn't like Justin until you heard this one song and it turned you into a fan. Maybe, just maybe, when you show me that song, I'll like it too and start exploring his other albums. Maybe you hate Taylor Swift, but then I show you my favorite song and give you the story behind why I love it, you'll appreciate the song and start listening to it and slowly you'll find a few more songs by her that you like. THAT right there is easily my favorite connection to make with someone. When you're sitting alone in an empty parking lot at 2 A. M., swapping songs and stories... It's very special and quite memorable. In those hours, you SEE who the other person is. You get a grasp of all their pain and hidden thoughts and regrets and a sincere display of their "self". It's very intimate and it's very, very telling. Whether it just be for a close friendship or a lover, it's a very strong bond. I'm not sure how well that translates to talking online, as I've never done it, but if it's even a tenth of that same feeling, then it's totally a good idea.
i listen to just about anything as it is tolerable to enjoyable, aside 'songs' that contain constant screaming in my ear that I can not understand why or what they are saying. classical, rock(varieties), alt, indie, pop, and combos are nice haha
......but....will that significant other would stand my fangirling to kpop bands and Korean men wearing shiny clothing or being via shirtless?
@VixenViVi hahaha Oh my gosh, that's hilarious ;'D Best comment I've seen all day >.^ Thank you for that laugh!
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