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Music is super important to my life.

My boyfriend and I originally bonded over a movie soundtrack and found out we listened to a lot of the same music. Our first conversations were trading song suggestions.

The dating app Bumble seems to get how important music taste is to some people's relationships.

People will now be able to sync up their Bumble accounts to their Spotify accounts.

The change allows people to see which music their matches jam out to!
The major change to comes “not only gives Bumble users a peek into the music preferences of their potential connection, but also provides an easy conversation starter.”
So rather than just saying "Hey" based on the tiny bio on their profile, you can say "OMG I WENT TO THEIR CONCERT ONCE AND IT CHANGED MY LIFE."

Who else thinks this is a great idea?

Is music taste important to you in friendships and romance?

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I don't think music voice is important in a friendship, but I'm not sure about a relationship. I guess it doesn't matter either as long as certain demands outweigh others
I do like this idea! Music means everything to me and if my significant other doesn't like my music we would have a big problem lol.
currently addicted to the movie soundtrack for Batman vs superman
great idea.i like music a lot