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Welcome to the Finale of Dae-Sung's Petal! :D Are you ready to conclude his petal after catching a glimpse of heaven? :o Because I know I had to fight like crazy to keep this angel from wrecking me! XD Alas, the story must end so the other petals may uncoil to reveal the beautiful flower. :) Before we get started~ Here is Season 2 Premiere~ just in case :3 Here is Seung-Ri's Petal :3 And here is Dae-Sung's petal thus far! <3 > Episode 1 -> Episode 2 --> Episode 3 ---> Episode 4 ----> Episode 5 -----> Episode 6 Thank you for all of your support during Dae-Sung's petal! I hope you'll continue to love and support this novel and myself for the future petals too! <3 :D Please enjoy! *bows*
Episode 7~ <<What am I going to do? Does he not realize how much trouble will rise out of this? Especially with him confessing publicly!>> You pull the covers over your head. <<Aishh- And I have to go to work tomorrow too.... Instantaneous death. YG is going to be pissed at me for dating one of the members and all hell will break loose.>> You sit up abruptly and stare at the clock- 11:57pm. You fall back on the bed and groan in frustration. <<If YG desont' kill me, VIPs surely will....>> You turn towards Dae-Sung's empty spot on the bed and rub your hand across it, stretching all the way until you roll over onto your stomach and curl up into a ball on his side of the bed. <<Why would he say it like that? So... So.... So straight forward?>> Your mind instantly replayed every moment Dae-Sung had been direct with you. Him calling you first, texting you first, lunging out to take photos with you first, even asking you to dinner and confessing first, he had always been straightforward. You yank his pillow into your arms and breathe in its faint but still lingering scent. <<I wish you were here to tell me everything will be okay. That you will protect me like you said you would.... but I guess, not even an angel can protect me from the wrath of YG....>> You toss and turn all, unable to keep out the wide range of possible scenarios that could take place with the situation at hand. You sigh heavily then crawl out of bed hours before your alarm goes off and soak in the bathtub until you hear your alarm go off. The increase of activity in the lobby of the building created butterflies in your stomach the moment you enter. You keep your head low and navigate through the bundles of individuals . You look up for a brief second, only to accidentally make eye contact with the receptionist who was talking on the phone. She smiles warmly at you and dips her head as you walk by and enter the elevator. <<Oh no no no no! She knows. She must know! Why else would there be so many people in the building today!?!>> Your phone vibrates in your pocket as you step off the elevator and swiftly walk into your office. You close the door behind you and whip out your phone to check the notification.

[BREAKING NEWS] BIGBANG'S Dae-Sung confesses to having a romantic relationship with S. Korea's Foreign Flower!

Instinctively, you tap on the banner, launching the app to display the article on your entire screen. Before you could scroll down to read, another notification banner pops up across your screen.

Netizens reactions to BIGBANG's Dae-Sung's recent confession!

Your heart sinks further. <<N-netizens?!>> You lean against the door and sink down to the floor, feeling all sense of hope leave your body. A sudden knock on your door makes you shoot straight up. You crack open the door to see one of your co-workers standing on the opposite side with documents in her hands. “Y-yes?” She blinks twice then smiles kindly. “The CEO's assistant is out with allergies. Here is the the paperwork that the CEO requires today. Could you take it to him personally when you're done? Thanks!” She hands you the small stack and bows quickly then turns around to walk away. You close the door and stare at the paper in your hands. <<T-take it t-to the CEO p-personally?>> “Aishh!” You take your time transcribing the documents but even after reviewing them multiple times as a way to extend the time, you cave to the reality of having to confront YG in the flesh. <<I'm going to die.>> YG grants permission on the first knock, causing the hair on the back of your neck to stand in fright. You bow, “The documents you requested, sir. They are ready.” YG glances up at you then looks back down again. “You took longer than I expected, is everything alright?” <<He's pretending like he doesn't know..... this- this is worse than I thought.>> “My apologies sir, I wanted to make sure everything was correct.” You set the documents down on his desk. YG grabs them instantly and begins to review the paperwork. You bow once more and make your way back to the door. “Has Dae-Sung mentioned to you when he's scheduled to return?” YG says the moment your hand touches the door handle. You swallow hard then clear your throat and turn back to the CEO. “N-no sir. I haven't t-talked to him recently.” YG continues reviewing your work. “That's too bad, I thought he'd surely tell you when he would return.” “W-why would he t-tell me-e?” You kick yourself mentally for the lack of stabilization in your voice. YG looks up with a lifted eyebrow. “Well you two are dating, aren't you?” You nod your head once, unable to find your voice in time to answer. He sets the papers down and leans back in his chair. “You're trembling, are you sure you're okay?” You bow your head once more, “y-yes sir. I'm o-okay.” The CEO turns away and sighs softly, “I've been waiting for that kid to tell me when to release the confirmation on your relationship. He said I'd knew when the time was right but I didn't expect him to do it like this. Dae-Sung has a way to keep me on my toes.” Your heart stops suddenly. “Y-you k-knew?!” He whips his head back to you and stares at you, “I thought you knew that I knew?” You shake your head. “Dae-Sung didn't tell you?” “N-no.” YG keeps staring at your for a few more seconds then breaks the tension with his laughter. “No wonder you're so tense today. Everything caught you completely off guard!” He laughs. You chew on your lip as the CEO gradually calmed down his laughing. “If it makes you feel any better, Dae-Sung and I talked about the whole situation that day I ran into you two in the elevator.” “The day he asked you to join us?” you ask, pulling out the memory from your mental cabinet. He nods, “yep, since then. I figured he'd tell you right off the bat, but if he didn't even mention when he'd be coming back from Japan, then I guess that kid is either forgetful or just likes to mess with you.” <<But he's so straightforward?>> “I-i see.” YG picks up the paperwork once more, “don't worry about the media. I submitted the confirmation this morning so things should be settling after a few days. Just make you stay offline and under the radar until Dae-Sung comes back, that way we can release an interview with the two of you.” You manage to smile as he excused you. As you head back to your office, other staff members that worked on the same floor began to clap and cheer for you while you walked by, congratulating you on your relationship with Dae-Sung. Slipping into your office after countless bows and thank yous, you fall into your chair and take a deep breath to control the velocity of your heart, capturing every butterfly that had turned into a beasts during your time in the CEO's office. Your phone buzzes with incoming notifications about YG's confirmation on Dae-Sung's relationship. You shiver at the thought of reading the comments and decide to turn off the notifications until you're done with work. You answer emails and schedule lessons with trainees for the remainder of the week, booking your schedule to keep you busy enough to keep your mind off of the media. Once back home, you insert a movie to watch, after finding but Kpop news on the television that was centered around every BIGBANG. <<I never actually thought I'd be dodging my idols like this.>> Your phone rings. You reach across the couch to grab it and notice it was Dae-Sung calling. <<No.>> You let launch straight to voicemail. It rings again. You glance at it once more and still see Dae-Sung on the caller ID. “Are you kidding me? Look Dae, I had a heart attack when you confessed on national TV. I thought I was going to die when I had to talk to YG only to find out that I worried over nothing! And now I can't even watch TV without seeing thinking I'm going to destroy your reputation because I'm not an idol!” You rant to the now silent phone.
Your phone beeps with a text message notification. You tap on the banner and launch the messaging app to open. “Called to check in but figured you are asleep.^^ I love you sweetie, today was an easy day, hope it was the same for you. Call you again tomorrow!” You hold your phone tightly in your hands then lean your forehead into the screen, closing your eyes to picture him smile with every word he typed up. You set your phone down on the couch and sigh. <<I'm not going to answer back in order to make you feel worried like I was. If you really enjoy teasing me like this, then I won't let that angelic smile blind me of that not so innocent smile.>> The next day on your way to work, you notice a handful of individuals with cameras, gathered around the entrance of the building. You take a detour and enter the building from the back, only to find out that those individuals were waiting to ambush you with questions about your relationship with Dae-Sung. <<Damn, like flies attracted to a carcass. No wonder I got asked to stay on under the radar.>> Your phone continues to ring with Dae-Sung appearing in the caller ID to the point where you customize his ringtone just to know when to avoid his call. A text message pops on the screen as you finish printing off a few papers. “Are you okay? You're not picking up. Maybe you're busy. Call me please, I miss your voice.” You stare at the screen for a few more seconds then turn off your phone and toss it in your bag. <<Nope. Not giving in.>> Back home you unwind in the bathtub, sinking into the water until it covers your lips. The water fills your ears but you still manage to hear your phone ring with Dae-Sung's custom ringtone echoing down the hallway and through the door. <<Am I being to harsh on him for not answering? Maybe he just forgot, just like he forgot to tell me he had to leave to Japan....>> You finish washing up and dress quickly, grabbing your phone as you make your way to the kitchen in search for something to eat. Your phone beeps with the familiar sound of a text message notification entering your inbox. “Are you mad at me? :( Is it because I surprised you with the public confession? :( Please pick up, let's talk. I'm worried about you. :( <3” You set your phone down on the counter and shake out every urge to reply out of your head. <<Still nope. Angels aren't suppose to make you go through heart attacks like that.>> The rest of the week flies by without much of a hitch. You're able to dodge every encounter with the paparazzi thanks to co-workers giving you a heads up of where the paparazzi would be and at what time, and getting a ride to the grocery store close to Dae-Sung's apartment in order to avoid getting ambushed. The media had cooled down with filling every network with questions, nor did they demand for YG to hold a press conference to explain the details of the relationship since the confirmation that he had sent out had mentioned an exclusive interview would be done as soon as Dae-Sung completed his work in Japan and returned home. Dae-Sung had began to leave voicemails more frequently than he would text you. You'd shiver at the thought of what your actions could mean to him but brush off the idea when he would mention the confession or talking to YG. He would call early morning and late at night, making you accustomed to singing along to Dae-Sung's ringtone instead of jumping every time it rang. You awake to your phone playing Dae-Sung's tone and groan when your eyes become adjusted to the natural light in the room. You sit up and rub your eyes then hop out of bed and make your way towards your room for a change of clothes in order to take a shower. <<It's like having a special alarm clock....>> You lean your head against the cool shower tile as the warm water massages your back. You step out after wasting a few more minutes under the running water and flicker your eyes towards Dae-Sung's skin care products. <<Well, since he's not here, I guess it couldn't help but test a couple of things.>> You change into your clothes and dry your hair then grab the face mask mousse and begin smearing it on your face. Once your face was covered, you pick up your dirty clothes and leave the bathroom, giving yourself time for the mask to set. Your stomach growls as you leave your bedroom. <<Porridge sounds good, real good. Too good almost. Or maybe cereal.... Aishh, adulting is too hard in the morning.>>
The sound of jiggling keys makes you freeze the moment you begin to turn the corner to enter the living room. Your head turns to tune in to the source of the sound, only to watch the front door open with Dae-Sung appearing through. Your eyes widen the moment he sees you and begins to smile. “What are you wearing?” He grins. He takes a step towards you; the sudden move allows your body to breaks free from its trance and break into a run towards the bathroom with Dae-Sung immediately running after you. You shut the door and lock it fast enough before he has chance to reach you. “Open the door!” Dae-Sung says, jiggling the doorknob. “W-what are y-you doing h-here?” You respond through the door. “I've been trying to reach you all week but you wouldn't pick up. I got so worried that I was able to come home early,” he explains rapidly. “What's wrong, sweetie? Why won't you talk to me? Did I do something to upset you? Please, tell me.” Tears begin to weld up behind your eyes. <<I didn't mean to make you worry so much.>> “I-I'm s-sorry,” you manage to say through the door. He jiggles the doorknob once more, “please open the door. I want to see you.” A small giggle escapes through your lips, “n-no. You'll laugh.” His voice soothes out into a gentle tone, “I won't laugh, sweetie. Please open the door.” You release a faint sigh and open the door slowly. Dae-Sung reaches out to you and pulls you into a tight embrace, burying his head into your neck. “I was so worried that something had happened to you.” You try to move but his grasp around you only tighten. “Something did. You practically gave me a heart attack with your confession and then I had to confront the CEO,” you mumble into his shoulder. He rubs your back gently, “I know, I'm so sorry. I just wanted to show you off to the world, not make things difficult. It was better planned in my head.” “Why didn't you tell me that you talked to the CEO?” He shrugs and kisses your hair, “I was so happy when we got together that it completely slipped my mind.” “I was so sure I was going to get fired,” you mutter in a soft voice. Dae-Sung chuckles lightly, “the CEO wouldn't do that. He actually encouraged me asking you out. He said he liked the way we interacted with each other and that your hard work would rub off on me.” You giggle, “did he really say that?” “Yeah, I was surprised too, but it made me really happy.” He pulls back from the hug, making you instantly hide your face in your hands so he wouldn't see you in his facial mask. His hands wrap around your arms and tug them down playfully, “let me see.” You shake your head, “I wasn't expecting you to come home so I took advantage of the opportunity to use one of your skin care products.” Dae-Sung laughs and manages to pull your chin up to see your masked face, “how cute, oppa has missed you so much.” He leans in plants a warm kiss on your lips. "Oppa, let me wash this off," you breathe once he stops kissing you. Dae-Sung lets you go at your request but stands in the doorway as you open up the faucet and scrub the mask off your face. "It looked good on you. Maybe I should buy more products so we can take care of our skin together." You smile into the towel as you pat your face dry, "it's okay, oppa. I just liked the way it smelled." Dae-Sung lifts an eyebrow then closes his eyes and points his nose upward, "Smelll!" His sudden actions make you laugh, picturing the parody in your head as he continued smelling the air. He turns to you and takes your hand, guiding you out of the bathroom and into his room. "I'm glad I'm able make you feel the same way you make me feel, sweetie, but in all honestly, I'm exhausted and I want nothing more but to sleep with you in my arms." Dae-Sung kicks off his shows and pulls you onto the bed, wrapping his arms around your waist as he buries his face into the back of your neck. You relax your body against his and breath in his sweet cologne, feeling him smile against your hair. Dae-Sung chuckles in your ear and tightens his grip around you. "I've always thought flowers were delightful." You grin. "And I've always thought angels only existed in heaven."
And that wraps up the finale of Dae-Sung's petal! <3 A piece of heaven don't you think? :3 BUT WAIT! THERE'S MORE? :O Yes, I plan to release an epilogue of each petal once I'm finished with the entire story. That way you'll know how life is like afterwards! :3 So look forward to that when the last petal gets concluded! :D Have you been keeping track of who the stalker may be? Remember that I'll be dropping hints along the way until the stalker is captured in the final petal! For now, I will be releasing the announcement this weekend of who's petal will be uncoiling next! Please look forward to that and please prepare yourself for the feels to come! :D Tell me your thoughts on Dae-Sung's petal! Thank you all once again for supporting this fanfict and everything I publish! I wouldn't be here without your support! *cries* See you all soon! :D *bows*
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Lol, when the CEO starts laughing at her. (Laughing turns into crying) 😅
Oh, Dae. You absent-minded angel, you! How can you forget to mention that the CEO knows! Bad angel! Bad! You deserved to be ignored for a bit! Hmm...I may be reading too much into it but I have a suspicion as to who the culprit is based on a line in this chapter. Hmm... 🤔 Aww! I can never stay mad at Dae! Who can stay mad after they race home early to check on you?! Every action he does just warms my heart. I can't wait for the epilogue and the announcement for the new petal!! 💕
Gosh, I am So Late! But still, that was a Great read. You never disappoint! :)
but I want the epilogue now. *pouts* ... I have a feeling I know who's petals are next. 😏😏😏
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