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I applied to be a moderator for the Boys Republic community & I REALLY WANT THIS! CAN WE JUST APPRECIATE HOW GOOD ONEJUNN LOOKS?! Such a precious baby (even though he's 27)! Still my baby though! Wish me luck! If you want be added to my taglist I make cards related to BTS VIXX Got7 EXO Boys Republic & Topp Dogg @adritha13 @amberg171997 @Animezkpopgirl @GenevieveC @JackieG1617 @kennaxx @LinnyOk @MichelleIbarra @NydiaEdwards @princessfranki @Shadyllamas @SugaMint @TaehyungV
I feel stupid asking, but what is a 'moderator' for this app? Like what does it moderate? (if that makes sense) 馃槄馃槄馃槄
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@TaehyungV it's basically what you would do now (like make cards & communicate with other vinglers) except you would have to stay active in your community (like the boys repubic or bts for ex.)
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@QueenLee Oh!!! 馃槄馃槄 So stupid!! Thank you!!
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@QueenLee nice don't know much about Boys republic, hoping you'll guide me well
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@LinnyOk I'll teach you everything I know! 馃槀
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