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Now I've heard of being big in Japan, but in India, it seems Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump is freaking 'UGE!
Supporters from the Indian right-wing group Hindu Sena couldn't actually get to Trump in time for his June 14th birthday, so what did they do?

Hold their own party!

According to Hindu Sena president Vishnu Gupta (pictured above, in the most decorative invitation I've seen since eighth grade), the birthday party wasn't an isolated event, but one of many Trump-honoring events since his campaign was announced:

"He is our hero. We follow every occasion related to him."

Attendees celebrated in a popular Delhi park, decorated with posters, balloons, music, party hats, and, of course, a life-size banner of Trump holding a gun. Because 'Murica.

There was also a three-tiered cake, which Vishnu tried to feed the cardboard stand-up.

After cake, the party participated in fun birthday games, like 'Let's Bless Trump, Then Set Him On Fire'.

(It should be noted that fire is a GOOD thing and often a part of special prayer in the Hindu religion. Don't be too alarmed now.)

So how did YOU celebrate Donald Trump's birthday? And am I the only one that lowkey wants to feed Gun Trump cake too?

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It was his birthday? I always thought he was spawned from the depths of Heck, then regurgitated here on earth. Huh...Trump being birthed by a human...who would have thought?🤔🤔
I guess they still don't know that he is a racist bigot.
Sorry I don't follow, why r Hindu followers celebrating Trump's b'day?