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Anyone thinking about moderating or becoming staff for Taiwanese Drama or Mando Pop Community? Maybe we should chat about teaming up! I don't mind being staff. =)
If you're new to the whole moderator thing, check out these two cards: Here by @kpopandkimchi, Here by @hikaymm.

I just want to make the T-drama and Mando pop communities more vibrant and spread the fun!

Who's in?!

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I am a mod for CG and I love it. I love being support too! I help out 2 beautiful mods and I will be happy to help in anyway!!
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i applied hopefully I get the group I want to do
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what's the name of the first picture (drama)
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@JasminPerez it's actually a Taiwanese movie, "Our Times." It's the best romantic comedy I've seen! :D
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