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Baking bread is actually a pretty difficult skill to master. Don't let those bread machines mislead you.

So when I look through the pictures on Japanese baker konel_bread's Instagram account, my jaw can't help but drop a little. And then salivate. Because yum.

By strategically layering rolls of colored dough, she creates adorable characters baked right into the center of the loaf.

No, seriously. Could this bread be any cuter?

Her bread is baked at home, with the account's actual photography alternated between her and her son.

She uses a variety of different natural sources to create the bread's colors - from beetroot and spinach to dark chocolate.

Would you be able to eat bread this adorable?

Which loaf design is your favorite? Which character should she use next?

Let me know in the comments below!
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@KabutoYakushi She's never posted one!
@buddyesd Right? They're too cute to eat.
@gurnham48 Which one's your favorite design?
@ctsr1 LOL If you mess it up, at least it will look like one of those hilarious "NAILED IT!" memes.
lol guess it is time to try. where to start