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I've been feeling like wearing red lips lately, but I after doing my eye makeup, I never feel like it's the right look to go with red lips.
So I'm just gonna put a punch of pics of AWESOME red lip looks here to inspire us all to put our best red lip on & enjoy the rest of our weekend!!!


Bare eyes + matte red lips!

Sultry, dark red.

Wing eyes + red lips, pt 1!

60s inspired cut crease + red lips!

Simple eyes + red lips!

Spider eyes + ombre red lips!

Smokey eyes + red lips!

Classic eyes + lips.

Metallic red lips!

Matching hair clip!

Shimmer eyes + red lips!

Dark red with very simple eyes

So, what kind of red lip do YOU want to wear?!

Go for it!!!!
Love the many shades of reds. My favorite color. Have you ever looked at the names? I have one called Come to Bed Red. It's a reddish brown. I have as much fun reading the names as choosing the shade. I prefer simple eye or cat eye with my red.
@EasternShell yes the names can be soooo fun! my favorite bright red is called Adorable Matt! hahah
@TerrecaRiley Matte red lips are such a great statement lip these days!!! :D