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Hey guys, sorry I've been only posting once everyday. I'm currently at my busiest month of the year! I finally got some down time, so I'm sharing a couple of cool hair tutorials for summer. Most of the styles are super easy and should take no longer than five minutes.

Inverted Side French Braid

Instruction: Choose one side and start french braiding until you reach the nape. Once, you reach the nape, stop grabbing hair in and finish off what you already have. Secure it and combine the rest of the hair into a a ponytail.

Twisted Braid

Instruction: pull hair into a low side ponytail. Then, twist it together.
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Quick Low Bun

Instruction: Pull hair into a low ponytail. Then, invert the ponytail. Braid the rest of the hair. Invert the braid and pin it to place!
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Braid in Braid

Instruction: Split hair into three sections. Braid the middle part and secure it with an elastic. Then finish the entire how with a simple three strand technique.
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