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Everything I've said Everything I've done Is vanished and laid to bed Because of a certain someone For I developed a trait That I thought would stay for life It was just as strong as hate And held me dangerously close to the knife And I did suffer some scars To both my spirit and my heart I was locked behind the bars That would not let me depart Then suddenly a message No, more like a symbol It was a road running through a passage With what looked like a cymbal I spent months trying to decipher This symbol of confusion Until the day I met her She looked more like an illusion She looked like an angel Falling gracefully down to earth "Oh why must you taunt me when I am unable To stand on my legs and prove my worth?" But the angel suddenly stopped And glared into my eyes "For it was I who stared and hoped For evil to cut their ties" "But when I saw them not stop I raced down from heaven up above My tears forming freezing raindrops As I hurried to protect the one I love" The angel's words broke apart my bars And sent my soul screaming with joy The lights around me turned into racing cars For I was no longer a whipping boy I dove into her arms All the spirits inside vanquished They were called away by sounding alarms And took with them my anguish "Finally, I am free" Were the only words I muttered "Indeed now you can see That everything else, only left you stuttered."