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I'm so sorry that it took so long to write this! It's going to be a longer part sense I feel bad for waiting so long to write this! The reason it took so long was first, I went to the Indiana Dunes, which is pretty much a beach and I spent 6 days away from home! But enough about me! I hope you enjoy today's chapter!

The Day Of The Date

Mark texted you saying that he'll be there to pick you up in about two hours. So, that meant you actually had to get ready, meaning sense you woke up all you did was think about Mark. Oops. You don't what you guys are doing on the date so you have to think of a place that Mark would choose. Definitely something not fancy. Something that's probably simple. Then you thought that he might take you to the festival that's going on right now. So you dress for the festival and do your hair and makeup, you know the usual. Then you still had about 30 minutes before he picked you up so you just went on your computer and played Soompi quizzes. You took the "Who's your GOT7 Soulmate" quiz and you got Mark, you didn't know how that happened either! After taking a couple more quizzes, you hear a horn honk so you grab your phone and purse, then get in the car with Mark. You sit down in the passenger seat and Mark just stares at you, you can tell he was shocked about how you looked. Then after he started driving you ask him where the date is. "Hey Mark, where's are date even at? ", you ask. "Well, I thought about taking you to the festival is that okay?, Mark asks, Looking worried that your going to say no because you could tell he didn't have a plan B. "Yeah that's perfect! I really wanted to go!", you say. About 5 minutes into the ride you get to the festival entrance and there's this sign at the entrance so you and Mark going to read it. You loved it while you were walking there because Mark had his arm around you and held you tight, like you we're his girlfriend. You both read the sign and it says.. Were so sorry the festival is closed today! Please come back tomorrow! You didn't know what Mark was going to do now because he didn't have a plan B. But, he spins you around really fast till you eyes meet and your faces are really close. It started to rain. And you were soaked in seconds. Mark still has your face close to his, you can feel his breath, and he whispers "I love you". He kisses you as soon as he says the word, you. And then.. He asked a question. And that question was, Will you be girlfriend? You can tell you a smile on your face and you nod your head slowly and whisper yes. He hugs you tightly and starts to spin you around in circles. You get back in the car and head home, where you and Mark snuggle before he has to leave. Then you ask yourself, Do you realize your dating Mark Tuan?
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