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So I've been realizing that alot of k pop songs have a similar theme, or should I saw name. After seeing 3 video's named it I wanted to know if there were more. So I ended up looking and look at all these songs I found!
Of course the top right now is BTS with Fire
Next 2NE1 with there song Fire. Both in a street version and a space version. I like the street version!
JJCC with the song Fire. I hadn't heard of this until someone posted about Jackie Chan. Wow that blew my mind!
. . . I don't know what to think of this. J.Y Park with his song Fire
Mad Clown with her song Fire. I admit it was kinda catchy.
And at the end of searching through I find this video that has the video's I found lol.
So now do any of you know a song that's titled Fire?? If you do go ahead and comment!
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@QueenLee I found it this morning and got addicted to it!
JJCC! I found that song yesterday and I'm obsessed ❤