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「20′s Choice」スペシャルステージのBest&Worst

暑い夏に爽やかな清涼感を与える真夏の夜の授賞式Mnet「2013 20′s Choice」が18日午後、京畿道(キョンギド)高陽(コヤン)市一山(イルサン)区のKINTEXで開催された。「20′s Choice」は、20代の感性をもとにして選んだ、一年間の文化トレンドをリードしたスターたちに賞を与える授賞式であり、素敵なアーティストたちのスペシャルステージも見れる夏のフェスティバルである。SISTARのオープニングステージ「Give it to me」から、イ・ヒョリがキム・スルギ、アン・ヨンミとともに披露したラストステージの「Bad girls」まで、「20′s Choice」は大盛況のうちに幕を閉じた。それ以外にも神話(SHINHWA)、SHINee、Verbal Jint、INFINITE、Daybreakなど、多くのミュージシャンたちが観客や視聴者に素敵なステージをプレゼントした。そして、彼らが披露した各ステージからBest&Worstを一つずつ挙げてみた。 http://www.tenasia.jp/archives/10706
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Hoya Will No Longer Be a Member of Infinite
excuse me while i pick my jaw up off the floor. WHAT. I am seriously so in shock right now. “First we would like to thank all the fans who truly love Infinite. We would like to issue an official statement on the issue of INFINITE’s contract renweal.” Hoya’s (Lee Ho Won) exclusive contract with the company has expired as of June 9 2017 and his contract with us is officially over. We are sorry to bring such news to adoring fans who always support us. In June during discussion of contract renewal, Hoya stated that he wished to walk a different path in order to realize his dream and the company as well as his members decided to respect his decision. Since it is a very big decision we gave it much time for thought and discussion. Until we decided that Hoya will be withdrawing from INFINITE and leaving Woollim as per his wish. All other members of INFINITE have renewed their contract and are already preparing to continue their career as a 6 member group. We hope you support them in their group and individual activities. INFINITE members will do their best for those of you who love them and support them constantly. We ill return with better music and activities. We are sincerely sorry to have worried fans with a delayed announcement but we were forced to be very prudent in our decision making since this is a sensitive matter. Finally we would ask that fans support both the new 6 member INFINITE as well as Hoya in their activities, thank you. – Woollim Entertainment I will make a card about this later I think but I'm actually speechless.
Some Thoughts on Hoya's Departure
wow it has certainly been a week to remember. I've been fortunate enough to meet Hoya more and once and actually get a chance to talk with him one and one, and I dont think you need me to tell you this but he's an angel. (thats my red hair in the background behind hoya haha) Performing and creating music and choreography, as well as just entertainment in general, is what this boy was born to do. When you meet him you feel this immediate calm come over you and there is no idol-fan barrier. He's completely humble and seems almost as nervous/excited to meet people as they are to meet him. the pictures on this card are from their secret show in NYC where MTV gave me a staff badge and let me hang out backstage. Hoya was the only one who really came down and hung out with the people waiting there (like me, or the people from dramafever, or the people from mtv) and chatted with us. Sunggyu also lurked lol but he was clearly super shy - Hoya was like OKAY GUYS IM GOING TO GO SPEAK ENGLISH WITH THESE PEOPLE WATCH ME. I met him again at Dongwoo's family's restaurant where, again, it felt like seeing an old friend. I also got to talk to him at Simply Kpop where he randomly asked me where I was from (and I think this is because he saw a very small group of foreigners and wanted them to feel included since the show was all in Korean, so he switched to English for a short second. Even though it was only for a moment I know we all really appreciated it!) Below are two of my stories if you'd like to hear more: Basically, I just want to stress that Hoya is such a kind and loving soul. I'm sure the boys will not hold any resentment towards him for leaving, and I hope none of the fans do either. He's following his dream and fulfilling his promise to show us the best Hoya/Howon that he can! Good luck in the future Hoya, and stay strong INSPIRITS!