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I just love this video of them!!! So touching and aww just my favorite!!!! It's just so beautiful!!!! My phone has been acting up lately with charging so I am truly sorry for not updating
OH MY GAAAAAWWWD this made me cry 😢😢😭😭😭 I can't explain..Should I said I already new all this about them.. and their feelings for eachother..and how he narrates all this.. is like he is talking about the person that he loves so much..and how well he knows him ..and eachother. how they care for eachother....see sometimes we don't see all this and sometime we don't see it because they might have differences like everyone else and be mad at eachother and don't get close to eachother for that reason... but then things gets better because a friendship like this you don't take for granted. ..because is precious, usually look for a way of fix things and continue ..this two although we might not see much of them.. they will be together Foever now I am sure of this after I watched this this and read everything Jackson said about " Him" him how do you call someone you love ..a love you can't explain.. him/her..usually is hard to say their names when we talk about them....ooh please I can't get started cause I can't stop..when is about Markson..hahaha
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@LinnyOk I have watched this so many time can't hurts to listen to Jackson's heart and how he feels..
@sherrysahar @luna1171 exactly that's one of Jackson's best traits I've seen he doesn't hold back and is not afraid to express what he truly feels, oh my heartu! *sighs*
@luna1171 i actually thought that too bcs Jackson is someone who is really expressive of his pure feelings nd that's smthng i really love abt him i think its really sweet 😍❤👌👌👌😍
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