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Who's That Pokemon!

This will be the Layout for next week's Who's that Pokemon! I figured I would share with you guys for next week Who's that Pokemon. It will change each and every week so its not the same Over and Over

Guess that Anime Character!

This Will be your next week event. I won't be giving away what I plan on doing for those days just to give a fair warning of where it will be from
@AimeBolanos I'm thinking you will enjoy whats on Tuesday lol
Credit to @hikaymm because I saw that upcoming daily theme she did for her Waifu Wednesday. I wanted to give you credit because I thought it was a really cool Idea and very creative and it inspired me to make my own. where did you make yours? I did these on Adobe Illustrator.
I Hope you guys will enjoy next week! Hope you all will have a good weekend. You are welcome to Join either one just let me know so I can tag you for next week
@AnimeNerdie thanks I really appreciate it :)
lol that's fine @ZephyrBlaze I kept you on the list since you do play so it's ok
Sorry dude Darksouls is frying my brain right now so just tag me for everything I'll decide later if I can even participate xD
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