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Girls bring the boys out! 1. According to the members, When Taeyeon is sleep talking, She sounds like a DJ sound. 2. Before SNSD debuted, Yoona was asked to act more like a girl. 3. Yoona and Seohyun are childhood friends. 4. Tiffany is called the jealous queen. 5. Sunny likes to call Tiffany 'baby' but one time she called Seohyun 'baby' and Tiffany was jealous. 6. Jessica hates any melon related fruit. 7. To the members, Hyoyeon is most scary when drunk. 8. Jessica's scream is so high pitched, it sounds like a dolphin. 9. When Tiffany and Taeyeon lived together, Taeyeon would kill bugs for her. 10. Hyoyeon comforts herself by doing the laundry. 11. SNSD was attended to be like the female version of Super Junior. 12. Their song 'Run Devil Run' was actually suppose to be a Ke$ha song. 13. Tiffany's name isn't actually her real name, It's Stephanie. 14. Sunny and her 2 older sisters share the same birthday. 15. Seohyun prefers sweet potatoes over boys. 16. Hyoyeon used to dance for BoA as a trainee. She was predicted to be the future BoA. 17. It's pretty obvious that Sunny is the shortest member while Sooyoung is the tallest. 18. During a TV Show, Sooyoung has kicked SHINee's Minho in the genital area. 19. When Yuri is anxious or scared, She'll talk to herself in 3rd person. 20. Sunny's real name is Lee Soon Gyu but she thinks it sounds like an old lady name. 21. Jessica once gave Sooyoung an English name, Summer. 22. Hyoyeon has won a gold medal for ice skiing. 23. Taeyeon has a BIG sweet tooth. 24. Seohyun acutally voiced a character in a Korean version of Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. 25. Sooyoung loves to swim and her name means swimming in Korean. 26. Sunny is the last member to join. She was originally suppose to debut with a different group at a different company. 27. Hyoyeon used to be in a group called 'Little Winners' besides Miss A's Min. 28. The members would poke fun at Yuri because in Korean her name translates to Glass. 29. Sooyoung is a devoted chrisitan. 30. Taeyeon admires butts. Doesn't matter who or what, She'll praise it. 31. Both Jessica and Tiffany were born in the same hospital. 32. Taeyeon run away several times from the dorm during training days because of exhaustion. 33. Hyoyeon has a total of 14 piercings. She also has a tongue piercing. 34. Taeyeon has became good friends with Super Junior's Heechul because of cars. 35. Yuri shares the same birthday as Walt Disney, The creator of Yuri's favorite character, Mickey Mouse.
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XD i love that racking minho on runningman is in there lololol
sunny is my birthday bias