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Who: Reader X Zhang Yixing (Lay) What: IDK this chapter gets kinda steamy Chapter: 5 Storyline: After Lay suddenly collapses from exhaustion, you make it your duty to make sure he gets some well deserved rest before he goes back to work.
Y/N POV You successfully got the guys out of the house and to the photo shoot early. You took the opportunity to leave and get new clothes to wear for the day. You put a little more effort into your outfit than you meant to. You had a floral dress on, the one you got from your dad for your twentieth birthday, and a black cardigan on. Your long hair was down your back and in bouncy curls. When you got back, the boys were almost finished with the photo shoot and most were getting back in their regular clothes. You watched the manager walk over to Yixing and say, "Since you did the photo shoot do you think you're up to practice today?" "Hey, I let you talk me into bringing him here don't get greedy. The doc gave him a week he's still got four days off." "I only asked if he was up to it." "Because you know he would've said yes to you." You said upset. The manager laughed at you prompting you to roll your eyes. He told the boys to head out but they asked if they could go eat first, all of them turning to you. You looked at them closely and smirked, "No, get the practice done, I should be back before it ends. If you can do it without fail when I come back I'll treat you all before we head to the studio." They all in unison cheered and walked with the manager. They brought the car around but you rode over with Yixing since he was still off and wasn't staying for practice. Sehun called your name getting your attention. "Can you make sure Vivi's ears are clean I forgot to do it this morning." You sighed cause you hated that job but you gave him a smile and told him you'd take care of it. Jong-dae smiled at you and waved goodbye before disappearing with the boys. Yixing's hand wrapped around your waist and for some reason you felt excited. Your stomach fluttered and your heart raced. You couldn't decide either to pull away or stay where you were. "You ready to go?" He asked. He smiled at you. Damn he was gorgeous. You just nodded and he walked you back to his car. You both were quiet the entire drive, you looked out the car window remembering what Jong-dae had told you earlier that morning. *Y/N's flashback* The guys were finishing up eating while you were on the couch looking through your phone checking over the guys schedule again. He came over and called your name giving you that same smile he always wore. You looked up at him with raised eyebrows. He held his hand out to you and said, "Come with me real quick." "Uh, why?" "Just come on." he said smiling. "Chen." you heard Min-seok say. You both looked over to him, you could see his expression was warning him to be careful. Jong-dae waved it off. "Don't worry we'll still be on time." he said to him. Jong-dae pulled you up and walked with you hand and hand out the front door. You two stood out there with some distance between you at first but your hand still in his. "I just want to say I'm sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable last night. I should've known better." You let out a sound of relief and smiled at him. "It's alright Chen." He smiled big showing all his teeth, you smiled back bigger not being able to help it. His smile always made you smile, even when you were upset. He grabbed your hands and placed them on his face and you began to pinch his cheeks and say, "pinchu pinchu pinchu." He laughed at you and you laughed back feeling relaxed. He grabbed your waist and pulled you close to him and you got a little nervous. He pushed his forehead up against yours to show you not worry and a small smile returned on your face. He laughed again, his eyes closing this time, "What are you laughing at?" you asked. "Nothing. Y/N is really cute." he said. You sighed, the atmosphere was back to how it was. Chen was smiling and laughing and hugging you. You wrapped your arms around his neck and pulled him into another hug, "I love you Y/N. I really do, I can't just turn my feelings off but I don't want to lose you either." He said. You fought back tears and brought your hand up to the back of his head, petting him as you said, "Chen you could never lose me." "Will you go out with me? Just once, you haven't chosen between Yixing and I yet so give me a chance too." He said. You pulled back to look him the eyes. You didn't know what to say, you were pretty sure you knew how you felt about Yixing. You couldn't say no to Jong-dae though, your heart would've broke in two if you saw his face twist in pain. You nodded your head and said, "Okay." He smiled brightly; he picked you up and spun you around before putting you back on the ground. You were calming your laughs from his excited outburst. He pulled a piece of hair behind your ear and leaned in, "I'll always love you, you'll see, I can be better than Yixing." He pressed his lips against yours softly, he deepened the kiss for a second. His hand cupping your cheek, he didn't pull you in he stayed where he was. Your hands met his face as well and it was you who stepped up to him. He smiled and pulled away from you. "Save it for our date." he said. He placed his hand in his pocket and with his free hand he opened the door to walk inside. *End of flashback* The car stopped and you looked up to see a large cafe area. It seemed like the outside was for intimate meetings; flowers covered the open gate that welcomed in visitors. The cafe building right before it looked simple on the outside, medium brown wood with a black strip going through the middle the top half white and the roof charcoal black. Yixing got out of the car and made his way over to your side to open your door. He held out his hand to you and you took it. You got out of the car, with his assistants, and made your way into the building. He had reserved a place for you two to eat in private, "Wow this place has private rooms too, that's pretty fancy." You said amazed. You looked around seeing round tables and two chairs set up in every direction of the restaurant. It was definitely a place for couples. The windows were tinted you noticed so no one could see inside. It also kept the light from shining in and ruining the romantic atmosphere. There were fake candles on the tables, those battery powered ones that only offered so much light. they had clear case covers over them to add a little something. The lights were a warm color but still a bit dim making you feel relaxed, there were other lights posted at the top half of the walls with simple cylinder covers to soften the light. He was guiding you through the building with his hand wrapped around your waist as you looked around at the building. It seemed like you were the only ones there but you had seen other cars outside, plenty of cars to be exact. You walked up the wide steps with Yixing, still following your waiter to your private room. When you reached the top of the stairs you saw almost the same set up as downstairs, there were fewer tables and chairs though. You didn't see them from downstairs because everyone was sitting further back, closer to the walls. You wondered why no one was sitting at the tables by the railings but as you looked around you saw famous faces of actors, politicians, wealthy businessmen even a few K-pop stars. Some were with other famous people others were with people that seemed like everyday average people that alone made you understand why they didn't want to be seen. You were led straight back and to the left where the waiter stopped in front of you and began to inform you of their no smoking policy, where the bathrooms were and instructed you on what the colors of the bar by the door meant. "We check up on our guests about every fifteen minutes but to asure we do not interrupt your private moments you can turn the sign to red for do not disturb. The green indicates that we are free to enter the room to check up on your needs and orange is to show you are ready for your check." You listened intently all the while surprised at how far Yixing had gone for this date. The waiter opened the door to reveal a room with pearl colored floors, and dark brown walls that were made to look like hard wood. Again a small round table sat in the middle of the room with a battery operated candle and a glass case. Two other individual lights with cylinder cases were at the front left corner and back right corner. The room was dim but lit enough that you could see each other clearly. There was soft romantic music playing and there was a small little area at the front set up like a mini bar. "Two complimentary glasses of champagne for the lady and gentleman. I will return shortly with your menus, please fill free to look through our list of drinks."The waiter said. He turned on his heel after Yixing thanked him and left. You were still walking around and looking at the room and how fancy it was. "Like what you see?" You heard Yixing say. You turned to him almost forgetting that anyone else was in the room with you. You were amazed, "Yixing this is all... too much. I mean this place is beautiful, I feel so out of place." He walked up to you smiling, pulling your hair behind your ear while saying, "Why do you feel out of place, you're more beautiful than anything or anyone in here." 'Damn that was smooth' you thought. He was looking at you like he wanted to eat you up. Your heart started racing again, his eyes on you like that was driving you crazy. You were biting your lip and hadn't noticed until you heard him say in a low seductive voice, "Don't do that." He placed his thumb on the part of your lip that you hadn't been biting and gently pulled it from between your teeth. He dipped his head down catching your lips with his own. He didn't hold back his hunger for you. He kissed you hard, it was filled with so much desire you never knew a man could hold within himself. You moaned into his mouth a fire igniting in you as you grabbed the collar of his shirt and pulled him closer to you; he had one hand on your face but his other hand came up to cup your other cheek. He pulled away from you slowly, clearly both of you regretting that action but there wasn't much you could do there. He grabbed your hand saying, "I think we should decide what we want to drink." He led you back to the table and pulled out the chair for you; once you sat down, he pushed you in then took his seat. You began to move around in your seat quite nervous, you were looking at the prices of the drinks and your eyes got big. Yixing must've been watching you because he started to laugh, you looked up at him. "What?" you asked. "You're cute." You smiled at him, the waiter came in and put the menus down before you. You bother ordered drinks but you opted for water with a lemon instead of something fancy. Yixing asked if you were sure and you nodded. You were never big on drinking alcohol and all the other non-alcoholic drinks were crazy prices. You were aware money was no issue for him but you were a simple person with simple tastes. He hadn't touched the menu once, like he already knew what he wanted to eat. You stared down at the menu, you had no idea what to talk to him about. With Jong-dae it was easy, he basically knew everything about you but with Yixing, it felt like anything that came out of your mouth would make you sound like an idiot. "Y/N." He called your name. "Yes." "Please look at me." You thought you heard some sort of pain in his voice. He was looking at you intensely, that look that made your stomach turn. You wanted him as badly as he wanted you. "What can I do too make you smile?" That caught you by surprise. That question alone brought a smile on your face and you laughed a little. "We've been around each other for years Yixing you should know I smile at anything you boys do." He smirked a little which showed his dimple and you smiled bigger. You looked away trying not to laugh at yourself but that dimple drove you crazy. "Yixing I need to confess something, I haven't been on a date for a very long time. I don't really know what to do." He looked like he was thinking for a second and then he stood up. He walked over to you and offered you his hand. You took it not knowing what he was doing but he pulled you over towards him just a little further away from the table and wrapped his hand around your waist. You two swayed back and forth to the rhythm of the music, you looking up at him, him looking down at you. He said to you, "Tell me something I don't know about you." he said. "I can actually sing." "That I know .Your voice is beautiful." You looked at him surprised, you sang their songs around them and you sang the wake up song when he wouldn't get out of bed but you purposely sang them badly. How would he know you could sing? As if reading your mind he said, "You do realize you sing in the shower right?" "Yeah but everyone sounds good in the shower." "You genuinely sound beautiful though." he said. You smiled big at him, "You really do know how to flatter a girl." you said in Chinese. "Where did you learn Chinese anyway?" "After my parents divorced, my Dad went to live in China because of some business thing so I'd go to live with him for about half a year then I'd come back here to live with my mom." You two talked a bit more you speaking more in Chinese than Korean after seeing he was a bit more comfortable like that. You found out things about his childhood and he found out about all the places you traveled with your father. The waiter came in and took your orders then went away. You spent the rest of the time talking and you'd gotten so comfortable that you were starting to touch him like you touched the others. You grabbed his hand and hugged him tightly, you grabbed his face and when his dimple popped out you pushed you pinky finger in it while giggling. After you two had finished eating, Yixing stood up and changed the color on the outside to red. You looked at him curious, "Lay don't forget I have to get back to the boys-" "I know I just don't want anyone to disturb us right now." he said cutting you off. He had walked over to your chair and leaned over and kissed you without hesitation. He was kissing you roughly like he was about take you right there. You slightly worried that was his angle. His hand slipped part of your cardigan down as his lips left yours to kiss your neck and shoulder. Your fingers ran through his hair as he continued to kiss you, you let out little moans, completely turned on. You were trying to fight back the sounds but his lips all over you was amazing. He went back to your lips, kissing you deeply and hard. He took your breath away, you grabbed his shirt pulling him closer to you, you were getting swept up in the passion. He snaked his arms around your body lifting you up out of the chair. He backed you up against the wall kissing you hard until he suddenly pulled away to look you deep in the eyes, "I want you."he said. "Then have me."
I think I lied when I labeled this a fluff my bad you guys. I apologize for miss leading you. lol Anyway hope you enjoyed. Tag list: @kpossible4250 @jaysbae13 @elishafisher @emilycayetano @JessicaEvaristo @griseldazenger @Tiffany1922
@Jaysbae13 OMG that's the best response I've ever heard πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ @Orihemay tbh writing this I feel bad for Chen too @Kpossible4250 I apologize, I hope the next chapter brings you back to life lol
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