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Genre: angst, spy/mafia Pairing: Yoongi x reader Warning: swearing and some scenes of intimacy
You opened the door to your room to find a topless Yoongi laid on the bed, his attention drawn to his phone. From what you could hear, he was playing piano tiles. "Present from Jeon!" You called as you threw the condom to Gigi. The little packet landed on his shoulder and he looked down at it with a confused expression. "Present huh?" He realised what it was. You raised your eyebrows as you went to sit next to him on the bed. You slowly ran your fingers up his torso and stopped when you reached his lip. "Wanna use it then?" You whispered seductively. His attention was still on his phone, "nah, can't be asked tonight" His monotone really got to you, he didn't seem to have that much energy. That didn't stop you from teasing him.
"Babe, come on." You whined before kissing his cheek lightly. He didn't move. You started to kiss his neck in an attempt to get his attention. He wasn't playing the game. "Darling, I'm really just not up to it tonight, I'm sorry!" Fine. You weren't admitting defeat. Sliding off the bed, a little plan came into your mind. You walked out of the door and called Jungkook to come over. You noted that there was no longer music coming from Gigi's phone, he was just pretending to play on it. "What do you want Y/N?" He asked tiredly. Gigi was watching, you had his full attention.
You straight up snogged Jungkook right in front of Yoongi. "I never got to say thanks about trusting you with that favour!" You said once your lips parted. "T-t..." Jeon seemed so lost for words. "That's okay little boss, no worries" You pushed Jungkook out the door slightly, "sorry to disturb you Jeon, night!" Hiding your smug smile with an innocent look, you relaxed back down next to Yoongi. He didn't take his eyes off you once. "What favour?" Finally, he was eager. "Oh... Nothing" you sighed.
"Seriously... You... Fucking kissed him in front of me!" His voice was slowly getting louder. "And what if I did? What are you going to do about it?" "I'm-" His lips pressed against yours. He cut his own words off. But you didn't mind. You peeked over and picked up the packet. You detached yourself from him and wiggled the packet in his face, raising your eyebrows. "I- gift from Jeon yeah?" You nodded. "If I use it, you aren't allowed to kiss him AGAIN, ok?" You nodded once more.
~10 minutes later~ You were in Yoongi's arms. He'd fallen asleep after such an intense make out session. You hadn't quite got to sleep but then again he did do most of the work so his tiredness was understandable. Ruining the peaceful moment, your phone vibrated. Text from Woozi - I hope you haven't tired each other out! x You weren't sure what to think of this, maybe he heard that Jungkook had given you a condom. There was no real reason why he would know. Had he walked past the door about 2 minutes ago? If he had, he would have definitely heard the two of you cursing and shouting each other's names. Was he really that sneaky? Seemed a bit perverted.
You: he's asleep atm Woozi: yet you're still awake? You: not that tired why d'you ask? Woozi: heard that Kookie gave you a little gift for you and Min... That's all. You: what's to say that we've used it. Woozi: what's to say that I thought it was a condom? You: ... Woozi: haha gotcha. You two must seriously be in love. You: we are thanks Woozi: I hope it's not just physical! x You: it's not for your information. What was it that you wanted in the first place? Woozi: just checking up on you, making sure you're still ok with the raid. You: thanks but I am 100% sure He read the text but didn't reply. You settled back comfortably against Yoongi's side. His warmth embraced you into a deep sleep.
"Sweetie~" a soft voice awoke you. "Mhmmmm..." You groaned. "Come on Y/N, it's 1 in the afternoon. You've been asleep for the whole morning" You stiffly pushed yourself up and rubbed your eyes. A fully dressed Gigi was sat in front of you at the edge of the bed. You'd told Woozi that you weren't tired, obviously you'd lied. "When's the raid?" Your throat was a bit sore and so your voice was slightly lower than usual. "We're leaving at 7 darling, you don't have to get ready quite yet" Apparently, everyone else had been awake for about 2 hours as the mission could easily go into the night and the next morning. Jungkook had asked about you but Gigi assured him that you were peacefully sleeping.
"Can we do some training today?" You whined. "We don't need to, this isn't the old organisation!" "I know, but I want to!" Your puppy dog eyes got to him, "fine, I'll talk to Woozi about it alright?" You nodded and collapsed back to embrace the excess duvet. Yoongi leaned down and kissed your forehead, "while I talk to him, you should get dressed, you can't do training in your underwear!" You smiled and glanced over as his form disappeared from the room. Sighing, you removed yourself from the bed. You grabbed some clothes, a towel and strode over to the shower.
Yoongi's perspective~ He left the room and marched up to Woozi's office. Surprisingly, he found his brother walking down a corridor on the 8th floor - he was far from his office. The 8th floor was the one with all the meeting rooms on it and social areas. Woozi seemed to be walking away from where the other members were. "Woozi!" He called after his brother, who stopped in his tracks. "What Min?" "Would it be alright for me and Y/N to use your training facility? She wants to do some training before the mission later" He nodded, "of course!" He started to walk away but Gi managed to clasp his wrist.
"What's your deal with Y/N?" "What d'you mean?" "You've made her trust you. You've even looked after her. I'm wondering what it is that you want from her?" "Look Min, if it's just a protective thi-" "I know you Littlun, you like her!" Woozi seemed to pause and sigh before continuing. He could read his brother like a book. "She's a nice girl, ok Min. She trusted me, I never forced her to!" "What? No mind games, definitely not your style. Last girl you liked you-" "Yes I'm fully aware Min, Y/N is yours though. I don't like her the way you seem to" What was he referring to? Maybe both of them knew each other a little too well. He could be fully aware that he was fully in love with her.
"I just hope for her sake that it's not just a sexual attraction!" He was taken back, he liked Y/N before he even thought in that manner. Surely, his attitude towards her hadn't changed. "It's not littlun, I'm not like I used to be. Anyway, I'm sure you don't really care about all the little details of the relationship." And with that, he headed back to check on his girlfriend, the one who seemed to be Woozi's priority as well as his own. Maybe the littlun had changed but his attachment to her wasn't just like your average boss' attitude to their worker. He carried on walking back to the room when Hoshi stopped him. "Sup Suga!" He really wasn't in the mood after his interrogation with Woozi. "Don't call me that!"
"Don't call you by your nickname?" Hosh's voice seemed to be testing him. He was concerned as to exactly what he wanted and how far he's go to get it. "What is it Hosh?" "Overheard that you're Y/N's protector." "So..." "So? I was just wondering, hold onto your hair lad!" "How's the leg then?" He quickly changed the subject. "Alright mate, cheers." He got closer to Gi, "just so you know, I totally predicted that you two would get together!" He just glared at his friend. "What? I'm just telling the truth" Finally, Hoshi wandered off to join the others in the social area. By the time he got back to Y/N, she was sat on the bed playing with her phone. Luckily, she had listened to him and got dressed.
Your perspective~ Gigi walked in, looking like hell. "He said it was fine!" He bluntly stated. "Damn, how'd you go from such an angel to looking like the backside of the devil?" He briefly smiled at your comment. You beckoned for him to sit down on the bed, he needed to relax. "Just chill for 5 yeah, before we go to do training." He nodded and laid down on the bed with his head rested on top of your calves. "Do I really look like shit?" "A bit, you just look like you'd easily kill someone if they just blinked in your direction." "Ha, cheers." "I'm just telling the truth" He shifted at your words, as if I brought up some unwanted memory.
There was a slight pause before he spoke, "do you love me?" "What kind of question is that?" "I just want to make sure" "Of course I love you Gigi." "But I mean like are you attracted to me not just sexually?" "Yoongi, I love you no matter what!" "Good..." What was he on? No wonder why he looked like hell, he hadn't talked to Woozi properly since we both got here. I bet he talked that kind of doubt into him. Maybe it was just the recent stress and confusing making him question our relationship. I mean, we originally hated each other so it's understandable that he'd have small doubts. At the end of the day, I could just be doing this to torture him and tease him - I'm obviously not but he doesn't know that for sure.
After about half an hour of relaxing and talking about sweet nothings, I nudged his head up. "Come on Gi, training calls" He groaned but gradually got up. "You don't have to join me if you don't want to." "Nah, it's fine. I'll keep an eye on you" Oh Yoongi and his protective ways. You didn't mind him tagging along. Last time you two went to training he put you off. Hopefully, this time he'd encourage you. You can't recall a time when you'd actually trained with Yoongi. The only time you'd actually been with him during training was when one of you had been showing off to the other. To be fair, you wouldn't mind if that happened in this training session.
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