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Anime: Assassination Classroom❤
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@BlackDragon88 Oh no xD haha it's fine just dont correct me when im ok please TuT
@AimeBolanos Maybe not when your grammar is proper, but otherwise, it is my duty. Nobody is immune to being judged by a grammar Nazi. If you speak a foreign language, you aren't expected to be perfect, but your own language should still be used properly.
@BlackDragon88 You sure are a Nazi grammar worthy of his post lol but no one is perfect and people make mistakes xD I hate the fact that they are called Grammar Nazi's... no good came of the original ones lol
@AimeBolanos A Nazi Grammar? Ignoring that as well as the other mistakes, the name is just slang really. It is a rather funny and accurate name, I believe. (Accurate in the "Grammar is absolute" Sense) We are who we are. "Heil Spellcheck."
I always thought Nagisa was a girl, when I found out he was a boy I was mad, because I was already shipping Karma x Nagisa ╥﹏╥