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So as all, or most, of you know I've been a fan of Winner for a long time....BUT I STILL HAVE YET TO MAKE. FINAL DECISION ON WHO MY BIAS WOULD BE!! These boys do NOT make it easy!
At first after watching them I was head over heels for Jinwoo but...
...Then Seungyoon came outta nowhere and totally wrecked everything!
I think I just might end up throwing in the towel when I comes to choosing between these two because I honestly just can't! They make it way too hard!💖💖😩 Am I the only one struggling with this same issue?! Or nah?!
Just because what's a card without gifs...
...and more gifs of these adorkable boys?!
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@Sammie99522 I'm a Capricorn lol
a year ago·Reply
@xoxorittie Ah I'm a Sagittarius lol so it's not far off
a year ago·Reply
@Sammie99522 Haha nope not far off at all.
a year ago·Reply
girl thats y i have like 2 biases a group. lmao sad but true
a year ago·Reply
@Starbell808 Haha I think I'm just gonna end up calling these two my bias and be done with it cause there's no way I can choose just 1.
a year ago·Reply