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So, last year, I was pushed to lose a bit of weight. The problem was, how was I going to do it and from where I would get the little extra push from.
While looking through weight loss stories and diets, I found the ever beautiful Kang So Ra and the brilliant Mr. TOP. I was inspired and I wanted to be like them, so I looked into different foods and work outs and I came up with my own schedule. 15 lbs down later (it doesn't seem like a lot, but I really shouldn't lose that much), I decided to share what I've done and what I've found because I had so much fun doing it. Like, I honestly enjoyed losing weight and it was weird I took a many breaks over the year because of school, but I managed to maintain the 15 lbs I lost. I am going to try to continue it again this summer so that I can reach my goal weight ^^
I'm planning on setting up a new collection that describes my weight loss plans in more detail as well as some fun work outs so that you guys can use it too :) However, please note that I'm not a certified anything...I'm just an incoming freshman in college that was inspired
Tagging the usual...if you want to be added, let me know :) @sukkyongwanser @MrsKyuhyunCho @pharmgirlerin @vicky1990 @Kpossible4250
good luck to you! can you tag me? would like to keep updated! I've been going back and forth with weight just about every year, summer time rolls in active, winter nonactive. lol. loosing weight is a struggle.
Hi can you tag me as well :)
@GamerKyumin thank you^^
please tag me too!! I'm trying to loose weight but I have really bad self control and self encouragement so it's often hard for me to make myself eat healthy or go to the gym
Please tag me, I would love to hear about the weight loss plan! I too am trying to lose weight 馃槙
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