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It is kinda messed up how this worked out lol
Well Sakura chose Sasuke despite everything he did to her and tend to overlook Naruto. Besides the The Last: Naruto movie explains as to why Hinata and Naruto were meant for each other.
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Well, I mean, Naruto did refuse her offer to love him that one time, but the circumstances made me want to punch her...
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do any of u really remember when she told naruto she loves him was I the only one going the fuck wrong with u but for the record hinata liked naruto from the fucking beginning I mean full on first and only love she always supported him and never doubted him either way it all turned out good in the end 馃槃
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Sakura doesn't really have any good points. her back story is forgettable mainly because she doesn't have one. she went the entire series treating naruto like shit. first she beat him and insulted him. than she forces naruto to always save her ass and fix her problems. she isn't attractive at all i usually can go through an entire shonen anime without finding an ugly character. but Sakura is both ugly physically and personality wise.
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Naruto should've kicked Sakura to the curb at the beginning of the fucking series, but he didn't know any better, and now we're all stuck with her.
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