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If there is one thing I hate about myself it's when I know about an artist or group but don't look them up until much later. One example of this is Simon Dominic AKA Simon D. I knew about him from the time he appeared on the Hip-hop special of Running Man with Dynamic Duo, Tiger JK, and Yoon Mirae. I looked up everyone else except for Simon and I feel ashamed of myself because his music is Bae. For those who, like me, haven't listened to much of Simon D, his music will be below.

Simon Dominic - Simon Dominic

Simon Dominic ft. Jay Park - 鈧﹐n & Only

Simon Dominic - Lonely Night

Simon Dominic - Money Don't Lie

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@Nikkitty Yea there is a producers stage and you can see him perform and set the stage on total fire.
@MaelstromVIP Wow, i heard Gray is on there too....I've seen a video of them performing on there but they're still mysteries to me 馃槄
@Nikkitty Yea he is. Zion.T, Kush, Simon D, Grey, MadTown, and a few others i cant remember are on there.
@MaelstromVIP i think Dok2 is on there too but I'm not 100% sure....I'm not completely in the dark about the show
I love Zion. T and AOMG so I'm torn but i guess i can support both of them