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You might be like "oh no", don't worry I have hope that these are funny! I made all these memes as I was bored XD I hope you enjoy them!

XD I hope you are laughing I apologize if they are bad!

If you've made it this far than wow I applaud you for sticking around XD

I honestly hope you enjoyed all these memes!

Did you laugh? Do you want more kpop memes? Do you want to be tagged in my post? Let me know in the comments and I'll respond!


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Please make more!!!! These were too funny!!!!
a year ago·Reply
@Kpossible4250 i will ^•^ im so happy you love them!
a year ago·Reply
I was skeptical at first because it seemed you weren't confident about your meme making skills but I can assure you these made me laugh! They are very good!
a year ago·Reply
@AdreannaLyn I'm so happy you enjoyed them! XD
a year ago·Reply