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alright so this week topic is love live app and the next event that is taken place is the score match for this event we are giving insted of 1 Super Rare card we can now achieve 2! yes 2 cards!! one Super rare eli and a super rare rin! and just to add on to the event we can also achieve a rare kyoko sasahara a boost card to help level any of our idols but for now lets just start off with how ita been so far and ive been pretty good to start off ive been in 3rd place four times and 1st once and im pretty happy because usually i would end up in 4th but I've improved on my live shows ^^ if anyone would like to friend me on the app please message me and ill give you my code to enter until then ill be having updates on the event and anyother things!
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not exactly sure how this game works but it I've had it on my wish list on the app store