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Hello guys!! Here's the next update!! Just to tell you guys ahead of time, I don't know if I'll be able to update the next chapters in the next 4 days. I'll be staying over my friends house in order to babysit her kid, while she and her boyfriend go camping.


Anyways, thank you guys for supporting and liking this fic, my friend really appreciates this a lot.

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Chapter 3

Without further ado, here's the next installment of this story. Enjoy!!
Chapter 4: Half way there...

After the incident of covering up for Tao, he became a lot friendlier and warmed up to you a lot, expressing his eternal gratitude towards you. Those two Korean trainees never bothered Tao again, which was a great plus. It helped that you were already on talking terms with Kevin, which meant that during practice breaks and such, instead of clinging onto Kevin nervously and whispering to him, Zitao would now join in on the conversation with enthusiasm. He would even come up to you alone on a few occasions to ask for a towel or some water - you liked Zitao, he was very sweet and cute guy you began to realise the more you got to know him.

One day while in the dorms, you were cleaning since you didn't think any of the boys were in - remembering they had some schedule to attend, which for once, you weren't needed for. You didn't think anyone was in so you began mopping with earphones in. You turned up the volume - flushing out any background noise while you listened to the tunes on your phone.


"Oh!" You looked up straight away, realising you had walked straight into someone.

Jongdae stood in front of you, bowing profusely and extending his hand out in a way to apologize for the collision.

"Oh my gosh, I am so sorry." You stuttered pulling your earphones out in a rush.

"It's OK, don't worry about it-" Jongdae said reassuringly, chuckling slightly to ease your flustered ness.

Your phone fell out of your hands onto the floor, disconnecting the earphones from it at the same time.

One of your favorite non-kpop songs started blasting out from your phone. You stared down at it horrified, scrambling to pick it up and apologizing profusely once more. You quickly plugged in your earphones and paused the song.

"I'm so sorry I thought I was the only one in so I've been making such a racket-"

"It's OK, I was just going to ask actually... I could hear the music from your earphones... and I was wondering what song is it? Is it English?" Jongdae asked genuinely interested, it knocked you back a little how intrigued he was, you took a few seconds before you answered.

"Oh yeah, it's Diplo, he's got great beats. He's a producer, like G-Dragon?" You said, looking at Jongdae's eyes light up in understanding.

"Ah that sounds good, I like it!" Jongdae said smiling encouragingly.

"Do you... want to hear some other songs? I've got loads." You suggested, trying to shirk away your nervousness.

"Yeah sure, I'd like that." He replied happy at the request.

"Well, I'll leave it on while I mop so you can hear." You replied unplugging the earphones and pressing play on your phone.

"OK." Jongdae replied, sitting on the couch and listening to the music while you cleaned.

"Oh, this song is so good, what's it called? - I'm so sorry for disturbing you from work... but please... can you put the title on my phone so I can goggle it?" Jongdae asked rising from his seat and whipping out his phone, feeling embarrassed for stopping you from continuing your chores.

"Nah its fine, I'm almost done anyways, sure." You replied offering your hand so Jongdae could give you the phone.

He slipped the phone into your hands - the slight touch of his fingers against yours made you fluster immediately - his amazing facial structure was so evident when he smiled at you, excited to learn more about western music from you.

You typed in the name quickly and handed back the phone - but this time your fingers didn't touch which made you a little disappointed.

"Thank you so much." Jongdae exclaimed tucking the phone into his back pocket.

"No problem!" You said, putting the mop away.

"So, how old are you?" He asked wanting to continue the conversation.

"17, how old are you?" You replied absentmindedly, washing your hands in the kitchen sink.

"19." Jongdae replied confidently.

"Oh, does that mean I should calk you oppa?" You asked seriously, judging from the dramas you'd seen, you knew it was right for a younger girl to call an older guy oppa.

"What? No hahahahah." Jongdae's ears turned slightly pink by being caught-off guard with your question. He ruffled his hair, unsure of what to say.

"Ohh... OK." You said feeling embarrassed at your own suggestion.

There was a bit of an awkward silence before Jongdae finally broke it.

"Well, thanks for the music, but I have to go now. The car is downstairs to take us to our vocal lesson." He said bowing slightly before backing out the room slowly.

"Oh! I forgot that was the schedule I was thinking about. So there's people in here right now?" You asked, looking around the room.

"Yeah. It's me, Kyungsoo, and Baekhyun. The others have dance practice now." Jongdae replied pulling out his phone.

"OK, I'll remember that for next week, jeez I almost forgot. I'll pack you your water bottles." You said rushing over to the kitchen and placing bottles into a bag for Jongdae to take.

"Thank you." Jongdae said, taking the bag off of you. He looked genuinely grateful for the encounter you two had.

"No problem, have a good lesson." You replied smiling at him. He smiled sheepishly back before bowing and exiting the room. You returned to your bedroom feeling content.

One day during practice, the routine was going very well. The beat for this new song was terrific, the boys were dancing to it so well, then...


Everyone stopped and turned to see what had happened, the music became background noise as the situation became obvious.

The guy with dimples, Yixing, was on the floor. Face contorted in pain while he clutched onto his ankle.

"Oh my God." You whispered standing up immediately.

But the boys beat you to it. Luhan immediately wrapped Yixing's arm over his shoulder and hoisted him up along with the help of Kevin.

They were speaking in very fast Mandarin to Yixing who let out a small whelp, but then covered the pain he experienced by smiling brightly.

"It's OK, I'm fine. I just think I twisted it that's all, it's fine." Yixing said, over and over again as Zitao rushed over checking to see if Yixing was OK.

The dance instructor, Kim Sunbaenim, walked briskly over to Yixing and exchanged a few words with him. Kevin slowly let go of Yixing who managed to stand up straight with a little help from Luhan.

"OK, he's fine. Yixing just sit by the side and let it heal for a bit. Someone get him ice." Kim Sunbaenim said. You immediately rushed out of the practice room to retrieve ice from one of the freezers from a mini break room kept near the practice rooms.

You returned feeling relieved to see Yixing look in a lot, less pain than he was a few moments ago.

"Come over here." You motioned sitting down against a wall, Luhan walked slowly over to you with Yixing's arm slung over his shoulder.

"Are you OK to sit down? Keep your leg straight." You said, holding the bag of ice.

Luhan eased Yixing down next to you.

"Thank you Luhan." Yixing muttered over and over again.

"Don't worry about it." Luhan replied, crouching down over Yixing's slightly swollen foot while you placed the ice bag on top of it.

"I'm so silly for tripping up on myself." Yixing said, feeling stupid. How could a main dancer trip himself up?

"No, you're not silly. That was just one mistake, and I know you'll get it right the next time. Besides, the fact that you can dance anything like that, living on 3 hours of sleep a day amazes me." You said truthfully. Yixing's worried face melted into a slight smile, one of his dimples emerged. It made you happy knowing you could see at least one dimple emerge with the few words you'd said.

"Luhan, go back in formation." Kim Sunbaenim ordered shooing the other boys who were crowding around all three of you.

Luhan turned to the boys and then back at you two, biting his lips unsurely.

"Go Luhan." Yixing said nodding his head over at the choreographer.

"Are you sure?" Luhan asked worriedly.

"Yeah go, don't worry. I'll take care of him." You said reassuringly to Luhan. It seemed to do the trick because he got up, politely bowed and walked back into practice.

Yixing winced a little while you pressed the pack onto his foot once more. He looked back longingly at the boys, wanting to join in with the routine as the music started up again. He looked genuinely upset not being able to participate, it hurt you seeing look so lost.

"Don't worry it's OK, you'll be up in a bit. Just give it 30 minutes, then you'll be back there in no time." You said encouragingly, dabbing his foot with the pack.

"But what if I'm behind on the choreography and that means I pull everyone back-"

"Yixing, I've seen you dance and you are anything but a weak link in the chain. I've seen you pick up choreography like it was nothing after being showed it once!" You said encouragingly.

Yixing looked surprised at first by your observations, but then a grin broke out from his lips. He looked a little embarrassed, it was so sweet.

"I'm really not that good, I started dancing when I was 17 so I'm such a late comer-"

"No that makes you even more amazing and talented. Wow Yixing!" You said slapping him on the arm lightly, but you immediately apologized. It wasn't in your place to do something like that to someone you hardly knew, but Yixing chuckled, dismissing your apology and saying it was absolutely fine.

"I remember one of the managers noonas saying something. I don't mean to pry, but do you have a condition?" You asked unsurely. Yixing's expression changed to a sad one.

"My blood doesn't clot as easily as everyone else, so it takes me a little longer to heal than normal... but its nothing to worry about." You look at him unconvinced, but you could tell you shouldn't make him feel inadequate by prying more on his case.

"It also means I can't do things like get my eyes cut like the others." Yixing said. You looked at him surprised that he freely spoke about surgery in front of you, but then again getting your eyes cut in Asia was like getting braces. So there was no negative stimulus against it here.

"But seriously Yixing, you do not need it all. Your eyes are an absolutely amazing shapes." You said unblinkingly, making sure Yixing knew you were being honest.

Two dimples appeared on his cheers while he looked down at his foot, letting out a small sharp breath. His cheeks turned a shade of pink, but you didn't notice since you were so focused on the ice pack.

"Thank you." He mumbled. His ridiculously plump lips pouting while he said it, feeling shy all of the sudden.

"Anyways, your condition is fine. I broke my little toe once when I was younger... and now its metal."

"Oh my gosh, are you OK???" Yixing's eyes widened as he stared at your feet in shock and then back at you. It was then that you realised how gullible this boy was.

"...I was just joking..." You stuttered trying to suppress a laugh. You'd said it to try and ease the tension, but obviously Yixing hadn't got it.

"Oh hahahaha!!" Yixing's face lit up. It was right then when he smiled, that you noticed this boy really did have amazing dimples in each cheek. You couldn't keep your eyes off his face he had, his smile made you unintentionally smile too.

"Hahaha." You couldn't help, but giggle while he innocently laughed.

When Yixing finally calmed down from his cute laughter, you began to continue the conversation.

"How are you finding it living in Korea?"

"It's OK, but I really miss my grandparents..." Yixing replied, it seemed like childhood memories blurred his vision for a few seconds before he snapped back into reality.

"Oh, how long has it been since you've seen them?" You pondered out loud.

"Years." He replied feeling downhearted.

"Do you have any siblings?" You asked trying to change the subject.

"No, so they're kind of lonely without me being there..." He said, letting out a sigh.

"But when will you be able to see them again?"

"I'm hoping to see them once I debut." Yixing replied, feeling hopeful.

But... wasn't that a year from now? You thought. It was amazing just how long from home Yixing had been. You shuddered to think that all the other boys, even lanky smiley guy, barely got to see home...

"What about you? Do you miss your family?" Yixing asked, turning his attention to you.

"Yeah. My sister and my parents, but I don't feel right saying that since you've not seen your family for far longer than I have." You said, turning the ice pack around and once again placing it on Yixing's foot with some pressure.

"It's fine, it doesn't matter how long you're separated for. The ache for them you feel is just the same." Yixing muttered. You looked at him shocked, and only then realised just how close you were to Yixing's face. You could feel his warm breath on your neck as you leant over him to press the pack on his foot.

But his words got to you too. He understood the feeling of missing home perfectly.

"Yeah, exactly." You replied gulping and leaning back, unsure as to whether you were blushing or not from what he'd said or by the close encounter.

Just as Yixing was about to ask another question, he was interrupted.

"OK Yixing. You're being taken to the hospital to get a scan. You, Y/N, give the boys their bottles and towels..." A manager ordered, directing the scene. Yixing attempted to stand up, but two managers helped him up, escorting him out the practice room before he could do no more than repeat thank you 20 times to you over and over again. You bowed slightly as he was taken out the room, assuring him it was no problem and smiling once again.

Then it was back to your favorite job of handing out the drinks and towels...


You're slowly but surely winning over the boys. YOU'RE HALF WAY THERE!!!

So who have we got left???

Until then, we've just got to wait for the next update. Like always, please tell me what you guys think of this story so far, and if you would liked to be tagged for this story, just be sure to ask in the comments below.

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