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Blue Exorcist

This anime is a bit dark, yet also super fun! I immediately fell in love! I love that it's one of those that takes place in what could be the normal world, while all this weird stuff goes on beneath the surface where normal people don't notice. I think Rin is probably pretty relatable to the average teenage boy, the intended audience of Shonen anime. Things don't come easy for him; he's got to deal with being the underdog at this exorcist cram school, living in the shadow of his high achieving twin brother, girls, but he's driven by his desire to beat the shit out of Satan (that line always gets me!). I guess, that last one probably isn't that relatable, but you get my drift!

Honorable Mentions

Since I'm a girl, my prompt for today is Favorite Shonen Anime. Looking ahead, I noticed a prompt down the line is Favorite Shonen Series, so I tried to keep that very subtle distinction in mind to save something for that... "Shonen" translates to "young boy," so it actually defines a demographic, but is considered a genre aimed at boys around the age range of 8-18. Since I don't pay attention to genres, I started with which of my anime MAL had classified as shonen and went from there. Keeping that all in mind, here goes!

Soul Eater

I've probably talked about this one many times as one of my firsts and favorites! I love how the animation style is different from other anime. Sure, none of the characters may be as relatable as Rin, but it's so whimsical, and there's so much going on and so much energy!

Devil is a Part-Timer

I watched this anime on a whim, and by the end, I was craving more of those demonic antics! I think this anime actually does a pretty good job teaching responsibility, and Maou's determination to start from the bottom and work his way to the top is a great message, even if he's Satan and the idea that you can climb the MgRonald's corporate ladder to achieve world domination is absurd! And then there's Urushihara, aka Lucifer, the token NEET, and one of the most relatable characters in all of anime! If only they'd continued this one (the manga is still publishing, I believe)...

Seven Deadly Sins

This is another one with a rather unique animation style. I always love worlds of fantasy like this. The characters are so vibrant and entertaining (I think Ban is my favorite! Or maybe Goather...). I don't see much about this one, so I didn't know what to expect going in. Can't wait for season 2! (With that ending, it has to be coming!)
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I've seen all of those, & love every one of them!😄 Shonen is my favorite.😁
Right! Same here though.
I still need to watch the devil is a part timer... Rest, fabulous choices! As always (:
I love this anime <3
@OtakuDemon10 it's pretty good!! It's on kiss anime too
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