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Rap Monster is Listening to Music.

랩 먼스터가 음악을 듣고 있다.

랩 or Raep = Rap 머스터 or Mon-seu-Teo = Monster. (please keep in mind that this is the English spelling of Monster. if you want to say Monster in Korean, you say 귀물 or Gwi-Mul.) 가 or Ga = ( is a Subject marker. It is Used when it is Necessary to Identify the person or thing that is Talked about in the Sentence.) 음악 or Eum-ag = Music 을 or Eul = (Object Particle. Is attached to an object which Verbs Describe.) 듣고 or Deud-go = Listen. 있다 or Issda. (It's pronounced Eet-da) = (Something in Existence. such as: have, Contain, belong, be, be held, happen, have experienced, and Ect.)

I Hope this Helps you Guys out! Keep Learning Korean, and Don't Ever Give Up! 🤗💖

@YongRaviZiMon It's ok. I'm still learning too. I just wanted to make sure I was understanding it right. 😊
@drummergirl691 I'm so sorry about that. I fixed the card so it won't be as Confusing. It's pronounced "Eet-Da" but some people spell the Romanized version as "Issda" which always used to confuse me.
I even had Google Translate say it. The pronunciation sounds like "Eet-da", but it has the phonetics (romanization) as the way it's written on the card. Now I'm a little more confused. 😟
I'm a little confused about pronouncing 있다. Since the ㄷ is after the ㅆ, wouldn't it sound more like "eet-da"?