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Second kidol fanfiction. Let's see if this one is better lol. The song above is the song you and Yugyeom will dance to. It's pretty cute and the main reason I made this fanfiction so I hope you enjoy
"Well?" You asked with a giddy smile. Yugyeom, who paid close attention to the screen of the computer, sat back and crossed his arms. You had just showed him a video of two girls dancing to your favorite song, Drop Pop Candy, and you wanted to ask him his opinion, that and somehow get him to dance it with you. Yugyeom shrugged, "It was cute. I liked the dance and the song was catchy. But why are you showing me this?" Yugyeom asked as he glances towards your beaming face. Flushing softly and scratching the back of your head, you just chuckled nervously, "Weeeeeeeell. Could you dance it with me? The moves are easy. My friend bailed and refuses to dance with me." You explained while making small eye contact once in a while. Your friend bailing on you was a lie. You just wanted to get closer with the tall young member. Yugyeom scratched his cheek with a small hint of a smile. Uh oh your in trouble. "I'll dance with you on one condition." "And what's the condition?" "You have to obey any command I give you for the next three days." What? You just wanted to dance with him! He is the evil maknae, they weren't kidding. Well... Regardless you still get to dance with him, maybe you can milk more days out of him, "Well then I get to dance with you all three of those days. For four hours each?" Yugyeom places his hand on his chin and rubbed it thoughtfully. Well... It would be a good deal considering he's going to command her ridiculous things for three days straight.... "Deal." Y/N squealed happily and pulled at his arm, "Come ooon then!" You had successfully dragged the tall maknae behind you to the JYP building, into their practice room, and shoves your phone into the aux cord for the speaker, "Your awfully happy about this." Yugyeom commented as he watches you pull up the song, "Well duh. I've been wanting to dance this song for a while!" You stated and finally walked over towards Yugyeom, "So the beginning of the song you pose and reach out your arms." Showing the movements, Yugyeom quickly followed, eyeing your movements carefully. He didn't want to mess up and look like a fool in front of you. That would be awkward. For about half an hour you showed the basic moves and steps, and asked if he wanted to try it from the beginning. He nodded and got into position as you restarted the song. The song begins, Yugyeom executes the moves in sync with yours. After the song ends you cheered and praise the maknae for doing a great job, "Now for my commands." Yugyeom panted. The dance looked easy, but it was actually a little more.... Movement demanding? Giggling you nodded and laid back on the floor, staring up at the ceiling, "Don't make them gross or weird Yugy." "Haha ok fine. For my first command..." The maknae placed his hand on his chin and thought hard. "Hmmmmmm. Run down the hallway screaming about pink elephants chasing you." What? "Uh... Ok?" That wasn't the weirdest thing you've ever done in your life. You stood quickly and headed for the door, "Just down the hallway and back right?" Yugyeom nodded and waited for you to get started. You took a deep breath and began to sprint down the hallway, screaming on the top of your lungs, "Oh God the pink elephants are back! SOMEONE HEEEEEEEELP! THE PINK ELEPHANTS ARE CHASING ME!" Yugyeom laughed, gripping the door frame to hold himself up. People looked and gave you a bewildered expression as you made a friend back to the practice room. "I thought you wouldn't do it!" Yugyeom laughed as he clutched his stomach, almost falling on the floor. Tears ran down his cheeks while your heated. You eventually started laughing along side Yugyeom and dragged him inside to shut the door, "No more running and screaming please." You said after your laughing fit. Yugyeom nodded as his laughter was reduced to small chuckles. "Ok then my next command will be for you to close your eyes, and keep them closed." You nodded, a little worried but obeyed regardless. You knew if you didn't he would just bother you about dancing for you for a solid four hours, and you hate the whinny Yugyeom so you had no choice. Yugyeom smiled as he looked to the side, sliding his hands on his thighs to release the clamminess from his hands. With a small breath he slid closer and closer, his hand softly raising to meet your cheek, pulling you towards him, and placing his soft lips to yours. You flinched softly, your lips solid as your mind raced. This was really happening. Yugyeom was kissing you and you had no idea to react! Do you kiss back? Do you pull away? Do you just faint?! What do you do?! 'You fool kiss him!' Your mind screamed and you had the pleasure of fulfilling that demand and kissed him, softly of course, a bit timid. Yugyeom sighed as he felt your response. He didn't realise he was holding his breath. He just really wanted you to be his. Ever sense he found out that you liked his he wanted you. Now he had you, and he was t going to let go. He gently moved his hand to the back of your neck as his other was placed on your hip, your arms wrapped around his torso lightly and light grasped his back. You were afraid of losing him if he pulled away. You didn't want to think about him just disappearing after the kiss. But you both eventually pull away, your breathing hard, he was panting. "Wow.... We should dance more often. " You muttered as you eyed him. Yugyeom watched you, butting his lip slowly as he chuckled and nodded. He wouldn't mind dancing with you more often.