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So if you've been paying attention to my cards lately I've been posting a lot of Yunjun in a type of story form.
Well Jinnie told the guys that June and yoyo have been messing around. Hanbin can't believe it, Yoyo is trying to hide, Chanwoo is happy he can have dong, Dong is like no way, Bobby finds it funny because Jinnies a flirt.
So hanbin yells at yoyo for trying to destroy his favorite ship xD ( Donghyuk is ready to defend his man)
Now Jinhwan wants June back
And donghyuk has had enough of Yoyo so he has a tight hold on him.
It didn't take long for Junhwan to make up after they finally talked it out.
But Jinhwan is going to make sure to keep an eye on them. ( Yoyo finds it funny how protective Jinnie became while June is loving it)
Jinhwan wants to rub it in Yoyo's face that he won xD
@xoxorittie 😉 it was building up to more Junhwan 😂😂
My favorite ship surfaces once again!! 😂😂💖 I love these boys so much!!
i ship Yum with every one so 😂
Awwwww Jinhwannie is so shorttttt I'm 15 (female) and I'm 170cm XD my mom is 160 cm and my dad is 178 cm so -crosses fingers- I hope I'm still growing
@Sammie99522 finally Jinwhan gets a grip on things and we can all sleep easy knowing our favorite ships are still afloat.😂
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