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Are They Even Real???
EXO-clusive WKorea magazine. Enjoy lol
Chanyeol can you not please.... beautiful beast
Don't look at me like that Sehun...
Is anybody else hypnotize.....
How is his hair perfect like that? Kai..really?
D.O just made me speechless. Go back to being squishy
Chen you sparkly beautiful angel
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I'm so done holy fuck they are so attractive damn
a year ago·Reply
lay and chanyeols my fav, but wow! lay has beautiful eyes, I could look into them forever~
a year ago·Reply
their dolls!
a year ago·Reply
Awwwww..... they look so fine... Love EXOsssssssss!!!!!!
a year ago·Reply
how can someone, namely me, get their hands on these magazines without living or traveling to S. Korea?
a year ago·Reply